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    The Big Book of Modern Mischief by hakka

    :ChesterCheetah: This E-Zine/Textfile was originally written by hakka on April 2002 :ChesterCheetah: Quick note: Don't actually do this, this is just for entertainment purposes and nostalgia reading pleasure of the old 2000's era. Having a good time when causing mischief can be fun but getting...
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    b0redom magazine: How to be an Internet Badass by Argus

    :drinkBleach:This E-zine/Textfile was originally written on November 2000 :drinkBleach: So you're bored, and your physical appearance isn't exactly helping your social life? You need a way to feed your ego without having to go outside (you know, where "they" are), or getting off your fat ass...
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    The Lost Art Of BBSing By The Mob Boss

    :EmmaLambida: This E-ZIne/Texfile was written on April 2000 by The Mob Boss :EmmaLambida: The Lost Art Of BBSing By The Mob Boss The 80's are forever remembered in our hacking and phreaking history as the good old days. Times of wide spread knowledge, great ezines, terrific research, and...
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    Cola Presents: Fred The Elite Hacker vs Ronald McDonald

    :CokeCan: This E-Zine/TextFile was issued by COLA and written by zatathustra on March 6, 2000. :CokeCan: Cola Presents: Fred The elite Hacker vs Ronald McDonald One day Fred was sitting at home, watching tv when he saw a McDonalds ad. "Two thick juicy patties of compressed "meat" sandwiched...
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