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  1. paradox

    paradox - pastlife & dreamcast

    DOUBLE SIDE EP BABIEESSSS View: https://paradoxproductions.bandcamp.com/album/pastlife-dreamcast side a - pastlife i thought: i love vaporwave aesthetics. i really like the dark academia ones. why don't i merge them in an ep? i've also uploaded the visual on youtube: View...
  2. s i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន

    NO QUESTIONS ASKED Charity Stream Starts T O N I G H T @ 6:30PM EST!!!

    As the title suggests, the festival I recently advertised on this site will be starting tonight! I also want to mention that below will be attached photos of each set for tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. I hope to see all of you there! Keep in mind that we are donating 70% of the proceeds to the...
  3. You Can Go Just About Anywhere With a Computer // DMT-925, by GameFAQs Moderator

    You Can Go Just About Anywhere With a Computer // DMT-925, by GameFAQs Moderator

    8 track album
  4. dottqmbti


    censored version of album art for my latest release, "Splash". details in April 2021 artist thread
  5. Sega64 - You Were on my Mind

    Sega64 - You Were on my Mind

    Sega64- You Were On My Mind
  6. paradox


    [from wikipedia] In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi (侘寂) is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature. Me and my fren hikaru...
  7. hikaru & paradox - WABI-SABI侘寂

    hikaru & paradox - WABI-SABI侘寂

    new░crazy░music░with░my░fren░HIKΛRU,░a░mixtape░called░WΛBI-SΛBI侘寂░that░you░should░listen░to░rn! (憶 み姻域-波ス位ギヱ ゜ギ遺 位ピ カ ぃ )
  8. Deltawave

    What was your first contact with vaporwave?

    As the title says, I'm curious. How did you discover vaporwave, and what did you do to discover more artists?
  9. Distance Amongst Us, by Sangam

    Distance Amongst Us, by Sangam

    1. Pipeline Ice Trails 02:39 2. Pebbles 03:09 3. Memories On Film 03:30 4. Left Away 02:28 5. With Me... 03:48 6. Blurry Faces 02:08 7. Melancholy 02:49 8. Grounds Where We Drew 02:03 9. We Say 04:58 10. Distance Amongst Us 11:19 KDTH006 credits released February 27, 2017 All songs written &...
  10. Out World, by Off Land

    Out World, by Off Land

    ☁ 005 Sea of Clouds is honored to welcome Off Land aka Tim Dwyer to the label roster. Even though we've just recently discovered him, through his excellent "Slow Waves" album released on Chilean heavyweight imprint No Problema Tapes, Tim is a rather prolific musician, active for more than 10...
  11. In A Silent Way, by Nico Niquo

    In A Silent Way, by Nico Niquo

    Nico Niquo returns to Orange Milk with the synthetic ambient masterpiece In A Silent Way. The work contains slowly evolving compositions and sound meditations based around the palette of modern grime music minus the percussion. In the songs "Arbor Arco" and "He Loved Him Madly" the grime theme...
  12. Lullabies For Broken Spirits, by Diamondstein / Sangam

    Lullabies For Broken Spirits, by Diamondstein / Sangam

    The long-awaited split / collab from Diamondstein and Sangam. Featuring two collab tracks, "I Wish I Had More To Offer" and "Evenings Fly By" Bandcamp Daily's 7 Essential Releases: For the last year or so, L.A.'s Doom Trip Records has quietly been releasing a string of excellent records...
  13. Exiss, by Memoryhead

    Exiss, by Memoryhead

    1) Exiss 3:55 2) Lateness of the Hour 2:40
  14. Shi_dawg

    what do you think about the future of vaporwave?

    I had this conversation with a few people and the answers I got were very interesting. So what do you think about where vaporwave is headed, for the fans and artists and the idea as a whole.
  15. L I S A, by Memoryhead

    L I S A, by Memoryhead

    1. Brain Bugs 02:06 2. Smoke The Blue Mold 02:49 3. Heroin 02:53 4. Crossing The Ruins 03:14 5. Curves 02:13 6. The Christ 03:22
  16. s i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន

    "Pulse" bys i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន & FalseGarden螳 is now on YouTube!!!

    Electronic signals are pulsating through glowing tubes, as memories play out inside of your brand-new shell. Your body no longer exists, now it is nothing more than a synthetic prison which you've installed for yourself . . . . The music video for "Pulse" is now on YouTube, check it out in the...
  17. paradox - past life

    paradox - past life

    what an ep would be like if it were influenced by vaporwave, lo-fi and dark academia aesthetics? it would be like this, i think. hope you like it!
  18. Greetings From Crystal Beach, by Them Beats Collective

    Greetings From Crystal Beach, by Them Beats Collective

    With the love for vaporwave, horror movies, and other internet media. Them Beats Collective's debut album, "GREETINGS FROM CRYSTAL BEACH" explores the band's fascination for the concept of cult imagery "that comes from how we all saw it rising in our world today." and "the susceptibility of...
  19. Vapor Series.jpg

    Vapor Series.jpg

    a random creation of mine
  20. angelareginarossi

    "What Happens After We Die?" by Neon95 album review

    Neon95 released this album at the end of 2020, and I have to say that the whole concept is genial. Talking about death without using a single word, and making understandable every idea in every song. After the Pokèwave albums, this is a very different one so let's explore it: Welcome to the...
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