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video games

  1. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Theseus' Game | When a game become heavily modified through modding, does it remain the same game or does it become anew?

    A brief introduction Some time ago when I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on discord in regard to the current situation with Blockland, he mentioned while in a rant regarding said situation, a subject known as "Theseus' Ship" to which he mentions ROBLOX and Minecraft, a game...
  2. Venomnik0

    Insomniac Leak Thread

    Don't know much but what I've found out is a bunch of things: * Employees' info was leaked (seems to be all of it massive security hole) * 1 TB of data leaked as well * Wolverine Gameplay seems to be up on twitter and it looks honestly more like God of War and less like Wolverine Origins...
  3. starbreaker

    Choose Life; or, The Problem with Young Men and Video Games

    I originally wrote this back in 2020, but my wife reminded me of it when she found this bullshit from Bloomberg Opinion in her RSS feeds: "Young Men Are Gaming More. Are They Working Less?" If this be a schizopost, make the most of it. This rant is going to meander a bit. Either go with it...
  4. How much do you think fiction actually influences reality?

    I encountered this meme here while I was foraging in the wilderness, and it sort of made me think: It's some kind of anti-lolicon meme, kind of a 'gotcha' regarding how lolicons will easily agree that such pictures are representations of older women and thus implicity believe that enjoying...
  5. CognacDefender

    Game Boy Thread

    Post your own Game Boys, favourite models, and favourite games. I have 3 models my self, an OG, a color, and advanced SP. I loved emerald edition for the advance and have lately gotten back into playing on my GB color. I like playing Mario Golf and Tetris on it.
  6. sleepwalker

    Good Games Thread

    A thread about good games, and shilling for your favorite ones. I'm just going to put one of my favorites down here and some videos to capture the gameplay/general vibe of the game. Keeping it chaotic, complex, and weird: Spacestation 13 - A top down game with a hellish UI and complex...
  7. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Agora Road in Finland of '95 | My Summer Car thread

    In this thread, we go travel back in time to the year of 1995, we'd just got our license and our parents went off on a vacation without us tasking us to rebuild our dad's old satsuma (Which is a Nissan/Datson Cherry btw) car from the 70s and go on from there with hints of perma death (optional...
  8. Puzzle Does NOT Belong in Video Games

    I just finished playing Arx Fatalis for the first time, the first half of the game was amazing and unique, the atmosphere is top notch, the detail and the worldbuilding are immersive - then the game suddenly degraded into another dungeon crawler puzzle solving game where you search super duper...
  9. Vetusomaru

    Cringe examples of tv shows and movies demonizing video games

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEg7qjFcGXw Law & Order SVU's episode on Gamergate was probably the most retarded case of tv show/movie demonizing gamers that even non gamers mocked openly. But my question is: Are there more examples like that?
  10. Vetusomaru

    Law 3037/2002, the infamous Greek law that temporarily "banned all video games in Greece"

    Here's a post of mine about the infamous Greek law Law 3037/2002 that temporarily "banned all video games in Greece" but in reality it only banned arcades for some years and internet cafes (still a retarded law): https://vetusomaru.dreamwidth.org/543.html
  11. Vetusomaru

    Anime based on video games

    It's a fact that lots of popular video games (both Japanese and western ones) get anime adaptions. And since anime and video games are two of my favourite hobbies (after all, Japanese video games and anime shares lots of elements from each other) I decided to make a list with anime based on...
  12. Game Reviewing Thread

    ITT we review games we played. Because as big brained agora users :gigachad:, you are supposed to write down your own experiences so you can convince yourself that the hours you spent into children entertainment aren't wasted. It doesn't have to be detailed reviews, just write down your...
  13. PizzaW0lf

    Stardew Valley Thread

    So Stardew chads, how's your farm going? This is the general discussion for the 2016 hit, Stardew valley. What do you think about the game? What would you like to see added? Any mods you've played around with? And most importantly, who did you marry? monkahhm
  14. Yabba

    Let's play Perfect Vermin

    Perfect Vermin is a free indie horror game you can finish in about 10 minutes. In the game you have a hammer, you can smash things with the hammer, find suspicious things in the suspicious office space, smash them. I don't really want to get into any more details seeing that the game is so...
  15. GAMEBOY ISOLATION - solar corp.

    GAMEBOY ISOLATION - solar corp.

    mostly ambient vaporwave EP with most samples taken from various Nintendo games meant to mimic the lonely comfort of growing up with more video games than friends
  16. PizzaW0lf

    Japanese indie game recommendations?

    I've recently been disinterested in western indie games. I could go on a rant about modern indie games but I don't want to be too annoying here. Anyway, I had the brilliant and obvious idea of seeing if other countries are producing games. Japanese games are the most familiar to me when it comes...
  17. Descarte Yee

    ITT games only you have played

    Doesn't matter what time or platform, post em.
  18. theshredneckcsr

    Opinions on Pathologic?

    I was doing research on the game Pathologic as I'm preparing to purchase its sequel/remake. It's been forever since I've played it and I absolutely love all of it. The dark, malarial atmosphere of the game's central town. The idea that your three player characters are at odds with one another...
  19. AMC_Squared

    Petscop Soundtrack

    Pyro uses this as a running joke for most of his videos but from what I've seen, most of the music made by this fake game sounds like it belongs in this site. I'm surprised no one has posted anything related to Petscop. The person who created this "game" really got the essence of a 90's style...
  20. Vaporweeb

    Microsoft Acquires Activison/Blizzard

    View: https://twitter.com/Xbox/status/1483431175041347584?s=20 What the fuck? I didn't even know this was in the cards for them to do. This is seriously becoming concerning from an industry consolidation standpoint, and a concerning number of people don't seem to care. As long as they can...