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  1. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    What if the Sega Dreamcast was actually successful?

    This is an 'alternative history' theory I once heard in a video once. While I never personally owned a Dreamcast, I have seen the models and such growing up and after a while I grew to admire the console despite the sad history behind it. So, I wanna hear your thoughts, what if the Dreamcast...
  2. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    Agora Road in Finland of '95 | My Summer Car thread

    In this thread, we go travel back in time to the year of 1995, we'd just got our license and our parents went off on a vacation without us tasking us to rebuild our dad's old satsuma (Which is a Nissan/Datson Cherry btw) car from the 70s and go on from there with hints of perma death (optional...
  3. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    My shitty gameplay footage of Rome: Total War.

    ITT: I attempt to capture a city in Rome Total War. This was my first time since being able to play the game without hiccups of my old computer. I like to thank a friend of mine on discord for showing me how to open the game tab bar on windows and was able to record footage on it. Sadly, the...
  4. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    GarageGames, developers of the Torque Game Engine and it's modern variant; Torque 3D has gone defunct.

    As the title says, the developers of TGE and Torque 3D of which the former is the engine that Blockland runs on has officially gone defunct. http://garagegames.com/community/blogs/view/23175 So there goes my chances of wanting to mess with the game engine despite having zero knowledge in game...
  5. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    The First RPGs you ever played as a child.

    Video games, we've played them as a child. Actually, we largely played a lot of games that were mostly either fighting, shooters, racing, puzzle, platform, and adventures with the last one I mentioned being the focus of today's thread. Rather one type of adventure games: RPGs. At some point in...
  6. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    DISCUSSION MOVED TO NEW THREAD | Agora Road Clan tags? (Online games we can all play together?)

    We have moved to this thread here. Please discuss there. https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/official-agora-road-steam-group-help-needed-we-need-someone-to-help-set-up-a-tf2-server-tfc-server-opened-currently-under-construction-atm.3924/ Voting has concluded, [Agora] wins by one...