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  1. Vernam

    What OS is nostalgic to you?

    I have been reliving my childhood using Windows XP on a VM as that is what I grew up on. What OS did you guys grow up on?
  2. Punps private sig

    Punps private sig

    A test of the agora uploading system
  3. Punp's Sig

    Punp's Sig

    Time to make a new post for Agora road!
  4. EzzyCrafts

    Windows 10 to windows 7 woes

    Let's say I install windows 7 replacing windows 10. When I first get into the installer, i notice that your mouse doesn't work, and my keyboard seems to work though. No biggie, I'll just install some drivers. It finishes, i get to the desktop, and i notice you have no internet. Ah alright, I'll...
  5. Windows.gif


  6. Windows.gif