1. New forum signature

    New forum signature

    Tired of getting react notifications.
  2. passerby

    Silver Linings in America's Institutional Collapse

    Re-posting this essay from my Substack. Let's discuss. :) Public faith in U.S. institutions is at an all-time low. The American populace no longer trusts large technology companies, corporations, and government arms like the police and public schools. Good—maybe these institutions have...
  3. Vernam

    What OS is nostalgic to you?

    I have been reliving my childhood using Windows XP on a VM as that is what I grew up on. What OS did you guys grow up on?
  4. Punps private sig

    Punps private sig

    A test of the agora uploading system
  5. Punp's Sig

    Punp's Sig

    Time to make a new post for Agora road!
  6. EzzyCrafts

    Windows 10 to windows 7 woes

    Let's say I install windows 7 replacing windows 10. When I first get into the installer, i notice that your mouse doesn't work, and my keyboard seems to work though. No biggie, I'll just install some drivers. It finishes, i get to the desktop, and i notice you have no internet. Ah alright, I'll...
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