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y2k aesthetic

  1. Some_porcupine

    Aesthetics Wiki thread - ideas, mutual help, details, designs

    As first post: There is *this* problem on Ae. wiki, there was question (1). Then,weirdly enough, i saw this related image (2). (1) - https://aesthetics.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000049386 (is there an aesthetic like this?) (2) -...
  2. y2k image

    y2k image

  3. Rainbow orb

    Rainbow orb

    looks very y2k
  4. ICPinECW666

    Have any of you guys "Y2K-ified" your internet experience?

    First post here! I took a liking to this forum not only for its aesthetically nostalgic factor, but also for its ability to give me that old-school internet feel. The uniformity of modern day social media like Twitter, >redditcostanzayeahrightsmirk and Instagram has left the internet (at least in my eyes) a shallow...
  5. digital-man

    Japanese Y2K Music - Shibuya-Kei? Denpa? Leave recommendations!

    I like Mosaic.wav a lot, right now it's weird... The music is still good but they are V-Singers now? I always thought they were linked to a Y2K style. One of my favourite songs is "Look at me Tenderly". Serani Poji is top tier when I want to chill. I don't know if they make music these years...
  6. elia925-6

    Y2K Aesthetic fonts

    Hello, i have hard time finding decent Y2K fonts outside of Froyo's Ferrite Core https://github.com/froyotam/ferrite-core.
  7. INFINITE post processed .jpg

    INFINITE post processed .jpg

    "Although time will pull us apart, we will one day reunite. In my heart I am with you Forever and always"


    Memories fade with digital decay