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  1. eco

    Immersive Advertising In The 2000s

    Today I want to talk about immersive advertising, specifically on some of our favorite childhood sites/games on the net. If you existed on the internet in the early-to-late 2000s you were either a knowing or unknowing victim of some of the goofiest, most weirdly well-thought-out sponsored...
  2. eco

    Discontinued Foods Thread

    Are there any foods you remember that aren't around anymore? Please discuss and pray for their return Here are some I used to love as a kid Wonder Ball - These were little chocolate spheres that were hollow, and they contain candy! I swear to god when I was really young, they had physical...
  3. naa

    What do you think of the Y2K revival?

    There's been a pretty big revival of various Y2K aesthetics happening for the past year, I know it started as a subculture thing almost a decade ago but it's rapidly developing a degree of success and influence on mainstream culture, especially online. I've definitely seen it influencing music...
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