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  1. Z0diacK

    Why minors being interested in Y2K is a problem

    One thing everyone has obviously noticed is the massive influx of faggots, which usually consists of underage people, just about legal boys who like to dress themselves in women clothing. And women that are all gay, they/them and get wet by the thought of comitting ball torture... One site in...
  2. alix

    ITT: Post your favourite aesthetics

    Post aesthetics which you like or that interest you in this thread. Any aesthetic is fine).:agsmile: As for me, my favourite is without any doubt Frutiger Aero. While nostalgia plays a main factor in it, the calm music, combination of nature and digital, its humanism and its utopian feelings...
  3. Vetusomaru

    Any alive imageboards with retro culture board a la anon.cafe?

    https://anon.cafe/retro/catalog.html Are there any other imageboards that have retro culture boards like this one but active? Cuz unfortunately this one is dead. Not to mention that its captcha system won't work properly most of the times.
  4. y2k image

    y2k image

  5. Rainbow orb

    Rainbow orb

    looks very y2k
  6. ICPinECW666

    Have any of you guys "Y2K-ified" your internet experience?

    First post here! I took a liking to this forum not only for its aesthetically nostalgic factor, but also for its ability to give me that old-school internet feel. The uniformity of modern day social media like Twitter, >redditcostanzayeahrightsmirk and Instagram has left the internet (at least in my eyes) a shallow...
  7. digital-man

    Current state of Akihabara

    It seems like a lot of arcades are closing. Most of the big advertisement boards are about mobile games, V-tubers or some rushed animation. Because of the dead of portable consoles you don't see much people playing together like before, TCG and Fighting Games communities seem pretty active tho...
  8. digital-man

    We don't value information enough

    The information in the west is heavily spread and then forgot. I feel like there is more aspects of the old net that remained these years in Japan than in the west, they seem to have more solid communities in the internet and trends are something more secondary. Maybe I'm wrong but I want to...
  9. digital-man

    Japanese Y2K Music - Shibuya-Kei? Denpa? Leave recommendations!

    I like Mosaic.wav a lot, right now it's weird... The music is still good but they are V-Singers now? I always thought they were linked to a Y2K style. One of my favourite songs is "Look at me Tenderly". Serani Poji is top tier when I want to chill. I don't know if they make music these years...
  10. digital-man

    I'm searching for Y2K online vidya to play with friends.

    Well, the title says everything. I had a lot of fun playing Quake 3 and CS Source with my friends these days.
  11. elia925-6

    Y2K Aesthetic fonts

    Hello, i have hard time finding decent Y2K fonts outside of Froyo's Ferrite Core https://github.com/froyotam/ferrite-core.
  12. Gameboy Dreamz

    Gameboy Dreamz

    Made this little scene in tabletop simulator. I've been exploring TTS as a medium to create art. I enjoy the fact that the limitations of the game push me to be more creative with how I make these scenes. I don't make these very often compared to the renders but when I do, it's usually liminal...
  13. MARTYR COMPLEX, by Selcouth

    MARTYR COMPLEX, by Selcouth

    I'm planning on putting this on an LP I'm working on in the coming months. I'm trying to go for a cinematic wall of sound feeling with a heavy atmosphere. My main inspiration comes from y2k era dance music and early 2000's video games like Need for Speed, G-Darius and Halo 2.
  14. Cover art for Doctaam&thapm sample pack vol 1.jpg

    Cover art for Doctaam&thapm sample pack vol 1.jpg

    I lost the link for this one and doc hasn't responded to me yet. Sorry about that.


    Gif I made for a track. SELCOUTH - AIRWALK (Ft DJ SCAMLIKELY)


    Some art I did for my track SERTRALINE DREAMZ https://soundcloud.com/xxselcouthxx/sertraline-dreamz
  17. kenetic.wav

    How far do y'all think social media will go?

    I know this is random but I am just inquiring on how far y'all think social media will go? In my opinion I feel it will always be here... however some apps may get "played out" or get old over time but it's in our human nature to want to connect with others so i don't think social media will...
  18. Ribbon Orb

    Ribbon Orb

  19. kenetic.wav

    C H R I $ T M A S.wav

    Good Evening, I know I am a day late but my blog post wouldn't get approved until today & technically speaking the holiday shenanigans are still going on until the new year begins. So why not play some mall soft. I ended up creating a blog post of my favorite top 10 Christmas MALLSOFT Vaporwave...
  20. SURF! 2000, by New Faces Make Me Nervous

    SURF! 2000, by New Faces Make Me Nervous

    surf the web with this collection; from the late 60s to the 80s, 90s, and the new millennium! 1. SURF! 2000 01:37 buy track 2. NOTHING'S GONNA CHANGE MY WORLD 02:29 3. TURN BACK TIME 02:08 4. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE 03:09 5. WAITING 4 ME 01:43 6. WHAT'S LOVE? 02:59 7. TAKE WHAT YOU GET 02:29 8...