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  1. Hadrian Hardrada Cicero

    My shitty gameplay footage of Rome: Total War.

    ITT: I attempt to capture a city in Rome Total War. This was my first time since being able to play the game without hiccups of my old computer. I like to thank a friend of mine on discord for showing me how to open the game tab bar on windows and was able to record footage on it. Sadly, the...
  2. Shantotto

    Twitch, YouTube, Sterilization & Normies

    At first I was a bit reluctant to give into referring to people as normies because it seemed a bit elitist, but I'm realizing more and more that the wesbites I used to call home have been taken over buy a certain type of person incapable of dealing with anything remotely offensive or edgy online...
  3. CognacDefender

    Interesting YouTube channel I've found.

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0XqDEV-VueSv5fszMDCzuw From how the videos look and the comments posted, the channel creator seeks to recapture the aesthetic of mid-2000's flash animations created by goths. All of the videos incorporate some form of strange, disturbing imagery and esoteric...
  4. SolaireOfParaguay

    YouTube will die in the near future...

    Honestly, while this is sad because YouTube has been a big part of internet history, this is also well deserved to teach bitch Suzan and shit Google to NOT TO RUIN A CREATIVE WEBSITE FOR MONEY!

    YouTubers that Don't Curse

    Can anybody recommend some YouTubers that don't curse? Rare slips are tolerable, but I'm looking for largely curseless individuals. Help a brother out!! :JigglyThump:
  6. adoynia

    A video on The Dead Internet Theory

    Thought you guys would find this interesting. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEn758DVF9I By the way, what do you think of this comment? It's written by someone who says they were in their 20s during the old internet days and that nostalgia for the old internet is bullshit.
  7. Cinderpeach

    Anybody see Youtube Escape 2021 a.k.a Youtube Rewind 2021

    I was on the lo-fi girl live stream just chillin', one day, then I saw in her community post the channel posted something about a thing called Escape2021, I tried to look it up to see if I could get any more info (this was back in early December), but nothing. There WAS a youtube wiki page about...
  8. l@in is here

    Old School AMV Thread

    AMV's were huge in the early days of Youtube, and were a part of anime culture before Youtube was even around. Please post any of your favorites from back in the day. This one is my favorite, and it literally convinced me to watch Shamanic Princess. Which by the way is a true hidden gem in its...
  9. AlmostHalf10

    Weird YouTube spam bots

    Has anybody else got one of those responses on YouTube? I have been getting notifications all day from this.
  10. kenetic.wav


    Good Afternoon, Just sharing a visual I put together in collaboration with Vaporwave artist Deep Sea Current. Please let me know below what you think of the visuals I put together for this mix !! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN TO FULL MIX! ENJOY ! View: https://youtu.be/F8o_F1LnTpY...
  11. What are you watching lately?

    What are you watching lately? Anything's fair game; TV shows, anime, cartoons, movies, youtube, etc.
  12. Head on over to the V i r t u a l S a m s a r a YouTube channel! Videos will be premiering for the rest of the month!

    Hi everyone! This is exciting news, if not slightly delayed, but there will be a weekly upload of all of the singles featured in the recent NQA stream on the Virtual Samsara YouTube channel, Fridays at 1pm EST. Check it out in the link below!
  13. Saint Clipper

    Cookin Wave

    trabajando en nuevos proyectos. Escuche un poco de lo que viene.: Lata de Coca-Cola: https : // youtube . com / channel / UCS56clt - bbrZqNDH5keFgaA
  14. "Pulse" bys i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន & FalseGarden螳 is now on YouTube!!!

    Electronic signals are pulsating through glowing tubes, as memories play out inside of your brand-new shell. Your body no longer exists, now it is nothing more than a synthetic prison which you've installed for yourself . . . . The music video for "Pulse" is now on YouTube, check it out in the...
  15. vapour8

    Video & Song edited and subtitled by me :) Enjoy!

    Btw I am new here, so hi everyone :) Song: I Can't Let You Go - 52nd Street (1986) Video clip was a random Japan evening drive, edited & subtitled by me Hope you enjoy! (actually there is no lyrics for this song in the entirety of the internet, I was the first to put together, am proud)
  16. admin

    The Disappearance of Bludhoney Records

    This a great video about Bludhoney Records by Sed. Here is what is on the description of the video. And here is the video! View: https://youtu.be/tPTK6HQSb_c