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天気予報- Sentimental Transition (Vaporwave Album Review)

Hello Vaporwave lovers, welcome to a review of the new 天気予報 (AKA Asutenki) album, Sentimental Transmission. 天気予報 is a prominent Signalwave/Vaporwave artist who is known for their large discography.


Their whole discography works as a time stamp for a TV broadcast, each album signifying a different time. This album fills the time slot of 9 PM to 5 AM, making this album an experience you would only have during a sleepless night. Listening to this album as a whole, you can either experience it as an album of music, or like a broadcast on TV. Either way you decide to enjoy this album, it will take you on a truly unique experience.


The album opens with "Crumbling", showing a complete mastery of the ambient genre. With the light piano melody mixed beautifully with the light static which almost resembles a tranquil rain. It really puts you somewhere, and for each person it is different.

I see myself walking around late at night while it softly drizzles, which always puts me in a peaceful mood.

Channel with no name

The next song, "Channel with no name" is where the story aspect of this album really begins. The title gives you this feeling like you're channel surfing late at night, and you find this channel with no name, playing ominous dark ambient music.

It really puts you on edge, keeping you looking over your shoulders late at night, only guided by the light from your TV.

Blank canvas

The next song "blank canvas" is another ambient piece with loud, overbearing synths, with a light piano in the background. The static rain continues on this song as well. It makes you want to keep watching this mysterious channel and wonder what else there is to come.

A deluge of lights

"A deluge of lights" is a beautiful track similar to others by 天気予報, a striking piano melody repeated until your brain absorbs it. This is the type of track I would want to hear during a nighttime adventure, perfectly capturing the beauty of the night. It is a masterful piece and really shows how talented 天気予報 is.

A shadow of yourself

Track 5, "A shadow of yourself" brings out the darker ambient side of 天気予報, where dread washes over you again. It can only be assumed what is being showed on the channel, but it’s not something fun.

Our ultimate desire

"our ultimate desire" is a short one but leaves an impact. Every noise of this track is bone chilling, leaving you to wonder what you have really got yourself in to. The track name and sound feel like some sort of cult ritual, trying to recruit you on TV. The dark atmosphere does not end there.

My imagination completely controls me

"My imagination completely controls me" is another repeating piano melody, but instead of it seeming bright and cheery, this song feels dark and deadly. It makes you want to stop watching out of fear, but you bravely keep going.

TV embodies our fear of the dark

The next song, "TV embodies our fear of the dark" is the longest on the album. The feeling of this track is mysterious, where no noise is comprehensible, except for the loud squeaky laughing. It leaves you puzzled, but in a better mood than before. The title is also perfect in its meaning to the whole album, what TV can represent in our real world.

Beyond the limits

The A side ends with "Beyond the limits" which is a short atmospheric piece of simple background noise. Now let's see what’s in store for the B side.

Other side of life
The B side starts off on a good note, with the orchestral piece "Other side of life". The strange thing with this track is that there is some sort of creature laughing during the song, giving it a rather unpleasant vibe.

What is this noise, and who is making it? Unfortunately, we may never have an answer to what was heard and seen on this channel.

Best things happen
Track 11, "Best things happen" brings us back to peace, with a silent ambient track. Finally, some relaxation from the darkness.

But it might not last for long.

Perpetual day
"Perpetual day" is a greatly named track containing only a single note playing over and over again. It almost seems like this channel is broken. Stuck in a loop for eternity.

Darker than black
All happy feeling disappears for this next track "Darker than black" where nothing is happy. The title perfectly encompasses the feeling you get while listening. You just want to fall asleep or hide. It feels like a bad dream.

Hang on reiko
If it is a dream, then it's almost over with the second to last track, "Hang on reiko". This track is fairly uneventful, just another ambient track. The one thing that does stick out to me is that mysterious noise, the unknown voice.

You can hear it again. What does it mean? Despite everything we heard we may never know.

Television knows no night
The album closes with "TV knows no night" which in its title alone greatly summarizes the album as a whole.

TV is never ending. TV is forever. And TV knows no night. This track also is fairly uneventful, except for a little boy saying what sounds like "oran". The channel ends here, and so does the album.

A lot of questions are left unanswered, but I feel like it was intentional. It keeps you listening, wondering what the hell you just heard or even watched.

Overall, this album completely mystifies me, and each listen drags me in more to continue listening. Hopefully one day we will find this channel again, but for now, the channel with no name leaves me asking for more.
View: https://aquablanca.bandcamp.com/album/sentimental-transmission


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