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4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): The African Quest 5/5

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Wife/daughter it is.

I warn you now. This story does not have anything remotely resembling a happy ending. It is without any doubt one of the more depressing tales due to what this woman did to her only daughter.

Get a call from the boss. He wants his best people at his office now for a job. Four of us are there and he runs down the situation for us. it's rare and urgent as it involves a minor. Rich guys wife has run off with a small fortune AND their only child. A daughter, age 13.
Doesn't give a f**k about the money or the wife. Wants his daughter back. Boss wants us to get all 3 due to the possibility of delicious bonuses. We're a bit dubious. Not sure if this is something we should do as really it sounds more like a police gig due to the child. While we've seen young girls go off to screw strangers with their mothers it's never been any younger than 15.

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Boss makes it clear this is happening. We shrug and go over the notes. Wife is a repeat offender. Seven times to be exact she's run off like this and we've brought her back. Not us specifically but the company we work for. Never take the child with her. Many of the notes she's left behind in the past list the child as one of the reasons she f**ked off.
Wife has typically either gone full party train or tried to establish a new life in some shithole each time but surfaced when money runs out due to not having access to the lifestyle she is accustomed to. We fear she's gone to a new life again. Which means she'll be tough to find even if we find out what country she's in. Quickly realise the child has no passport so she can't have taken a commercial flight.

She wouldn't charter anything less than a private jet. No luck on that front. Keep digging into possible routes away from the continent (never tried to set up a new life on the continent).
It goes on like this for months. Longest case on record at eight months. By this point we were all pretty much exhausted. No leads, no clues, we'd tapped every contact we could think of. She had to be somewhere in Europe.

Get a lead. A f**king lead at long last! A man was caught trying to sell her rolex. The jewellers had been suspicious and checked its number against the books. He was promptly arrested and our client had arranged for us to talk to him first.

We get there after a brief plane trip and find an honest to f**king god catholic priest. A f**king priest had been trying to sell her watch. Idiots don't speak no english so only one of us can actually talk to him making the questioning rather long and drawn out. To say he was uncooperative would be putting it lightly but his story was that this woman came to him to get her and her daughter away from her abusive husband. This woman was obviously wealthy as she had paid him a lot to arrange it.

It was then that it clicked. The reason we'd not been able to find her was not because she hadn't taken a plane where she was going. It was because they had travelled using documents issued by the f**king Vatican and nobody f**king checks them. With shit figured out all we needed was a destination. A few details he let slip came together. Turned out mother dear had decided to become a nun and take her daughter with her on missionary work.

To f**king Africa.

Client pulls strings. Gets more detailed info out of the Vatican. Target is located. Yougottabeshittingme motherf**king sub saharan africa?

Boss is hesitant to send us in but after discussion with the client more money is probably offered and the boss loses his mind. We get sent to Africa. Four white guys. Alone in Africa. Sounds like a great plan. We arrive at the airport expecting it to be a total shit heap. Funnily enough it is but there's white guys everywhere.

Turns out the airport is controlled by a western PMC who work in the area and they have been hired as guides and protective detail. Everything turned out better than expected. Until they start piling body armour on us and hand us assault rifles. Four poor white guys completely out of their depth in the middle of what is probably a warzone.
Fortunately though they have a decent idea of where the target is as they noticed a small church had been built there recently. It's been torn down since though. Pile into helicopters and off we go. Yank mercenaries constantly talking shit the whole way and taking random potshots at the wildlife.

One of our group is pretty much having a panic attack by this point but he's kept sufficiently calm through the proper application of fists to face. Eventually land near a really really shitty looking village. It is the stereotypical african shithole. Mud huts, flies and emaciated animals everywhere. Then you notice things that look a bit out of place. Like the expensive (for the area) old land rover, the new clothes on some of the people, the fact that everyone looks well fed despite nothing growing here.

PMC goons fan out and do their thing and start kicking down doors. There's a few shots fired but one would not like to get involved so we hang back. As I said. We're out of our depth.
Eventually a white woman, a white girl and four african men are dragged out of the village by the PMC goons and dropped at our feet. All alive fortunately even if one of the black guys has clearly got a broken nose, arm and probably a couple of ribs judging by the bruising that's beginning to show. The two whites are indeed who we're looking for. They don't like any nuns I ever saw. Dressed up as natives, filthy and pregnant.

One of our unfortunate merry band has a daughter the same age as the girl and just has to take a moment to get away from this shit in th
e choppa. Quick explanation from the PMC goons regarding the men reveals that the one who got beat almost to death was f**king the daughter and the other three were plowing the wife who was clearly enjoying it. Wife gets all up in our face almost immediately. All on about how we have no right to tell her how to live her life, blah, blah, blah, her husband is a bad man, blah, blah
Fortunately the PMC goon pistol whips her quiet after I point out that really we only need the daughter. At this point the daughter is just in tears, has no clue what's going on anymore it seems. Doesn't seem terribly bright either. The wife gets gagged and tied up then thrown in the choppa and we find something for the little one to wear for the ride back. Spends the whole trip wearing one of the PMC goons jackets.

She doesn't really say anything but fills in the remaining holes in the story for us. Seems her mother did arrive here as a nun but later on decided to marry the local chieftain and showered the place with all the money she'd brought. Then the chieftain had arranged for his son to marry the daughter. His son who by the looks of him was in his mid to late 20s.

Nobody really feels happy about this shit. She's too far into it for an abortion to really be feasible. We arrange for a pickup from the boss and awkwardness ensues. The client f**king shows up in a private jet. His half n*kd pregnant 13 year old daughter, his almost completely n*kd pregnant wife and four worn out, tired and scruffy looking white guys await him as he comes running down the steps from his plane.

For a second we thought he was going to do a 180 without stopping and fly away. But to his credit he did seem genuinely happy to see his daughter was safe. Blamed the wife for everything. Had us take the daughter aboard who by this point was in full PTSD mode. He stayed outside with the PMC goons, arguing with his wife for what seemed like forever.
I will not lie. We were expecting to hear a gunshot. We were all waiting for it. Instead she got engaged and brought into the plane and locked into one of the toilets for the entire trip trussed up like a hog. On arriving back home the client gave us his personal thanks and a bonus to ensure proper discretion.
We f**ked off. Found out the wife died the next day in a car accident.

F**k knows what happened to the daughter but she's alive probably. The baby was probably put up for adoption somewhere far far away.
And that children is probably the most depressing of the stories I have.
No happy ending for anyone.
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