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4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): The Daughter of the Caribbean 1/5

Fine. One story. But details regarding places and identities are removed because I don't want shit getting back to me.

I mean client confidentiality was beyond insane. In some cases we'd get told it was fine to start a shootout with the cops if it was the only way to get away. A few times we got told to kill the woman we'd been sent to retrieve and make sure the body couldn't be identified if it looked like we couldn't escape with them.

For these men it wasn't about getting their wife or daughter back. It was about saving face or retrieving an asset. They didn't want to suffer the humiliation of it being publicly known their wife going off to some modern day sodom to f**k anything with a pulse (or sometimes without) and they often had plans regarding their daughters future marriage that they didn't want their spoiled little princess to ruin.

So the business was horrible right off the bat.
So a story. What do you want?
The worst wife story or the worst daughter story? Or do you want a wife/daughter story?
Daughter story it is.

Been working for the firm for two years now. Two years into my three years doing this shit. Think I've seen it all by this point and to be fair I had seen a LOT of it. Me and three other guys are assigned a job to retrieve a man's daughter. But it's not a simple grab and return. We have to grab her, deliver her to a man in the USA, then to a doctor in Germany and finally to her wedding in England. All of this on a very strict timetable as the men in the USA and Germany need time to do their things. We have two months in total. Most of that will be taken up by the man in the USA according to the boss. We are going to be paid quite well for this fortunately but we have literally got a week to find her and get her to the USA.

On the plus side we know where she currently is. A very expensive and very very disgusting resort in the caribbean. The client has given us a private jet with a pilot and flirty hostess to use. We fly out enjoying the facilities. The new guy avails himself of the flirty hostess. The rest of us have difficulty with that sort of thing after so long doing this shit. Once we're on the ground we send the new guy to handle the luggage, hotel check in and all that shit. Rest of us got to hit the pavement and hit it f**king hard.

Difference between the experienced and the new guy is immediately apparent. Gloves and sunglasses on before we even step off the plane, alcohol gel at the ready, fully dressed to protect against errant fluids. He is happy in shorts and a t-shirt. Pavement hit. Spend the first day hitting the usual suspects in terms of clubs and locations for people in what we expect to be her wealth bracket and age. We come away empty handed and mostly unmolested. One of the older guys did not get away fast enough at a bestiality club. Huge stain on his trouser leg. Worst I got was a tranny trying to grab my balls but I long ago learned to wear a codpiece under my trousers.

oregon trail 80s GIF
We get back to the hotel and immediately realise something is wrong when the hotel receptionist says the new guy never checked in. Get hotel room keys and begin immediate search for f**king new guy Fire up the tracking app on our phones (all of us are fitted with GPS tracking devices on a wristband for the duration of the job mostly for shit like this)

No sign of it which means he's probably somewhere it can't get a signal from. Ask around. Few people saw him stop off at the bar. Barman tells us he was talking to some ladyboys but didn't seem to realise what they were. They walked off together no idea where. Left behind the luggage, barmen held onto it. Tip the barmen a hundred and ask him to keep an eye out for our friend and collar him/them if he sees him or the ladyboys.

Get to our rooms and unpack the surveillance gear and other shit. Start going over the banking records and so on from the client. Check to see what her latest banking activity was. Unfortunately for us her pattern remains consistent. She goes to banks and takes out a few thousand in cash every couple of hours. Rarely going to the same bank. Figure she might be deliberately avoiding going to the same banks and start plotting out each bank in the resort, see if we can get some observation on them going. Lots of banks.

Frustration sets in quickly and we go back to the usual pattern of plotting out known clubs and so on that are in her price range, check in with the guys at home to see if they've gotten any new info on her tastes to help out on that front. Turns out the girl is like a mega racist and thinks blacks are animals. But is really into bestiality too. Settle down for the night having sprayed the majority of the room with disinfectant we brought with us.

Around two in the morning my phone goes off. Grab it and answer thinking the boss is going to be bitching we ain't found her yet.
it's the f**king new guy.


Instantly awake, kick everyone else awake, scream murder at the new guy because he f**king vanished. Run out of the hotel and pile into the rental car setting off at breakneck speed following the new guys directions.

We wind up outside a really dingy looking BDSM/Bestiality club. The sort of place where they like to tie up people and have dogs f**k them or tie up dogs and have people f**k them. The place is also way waaaay below her price range which is surprising. Rich kids rarely slum it when they pull this shit. New guy is outside accompanied by two ladyboys. He looks pretty damn excited. As we get closer we notice the bloodshot unfocused eyes, twitchiness and general signs of drug use. Quickly dismiss the ladyboys who initially are hesitant to leave their payday. They get the message after a short fistfight. Make sure the new guy is ok and briefly discuss among ourselves if this is some kind of trap set up by the ladyboys or whoever they work for. Decide that since we have no other leads f**k it. We're checking this out.

We pull out surgical masks and protective glasses and promptly put them on. Deep breath, descend the stairs into the pit with the new guy in tow still high on f**k knows what.
Bottom of the stairs there's a bouncer who looks a bit confused at three guys in suits wearing masks and goggles accompanied by a tweaked out guy in shorts covered in lipstick. Everyone just sort of stands there looking at each other for a moment until the bouncer notices the blood on one of the older guys gloves from the ladyboys. Idiot hadn't cleaned it off. Bouncer decides it's not worth the trouble and opens the door.

As he does so we realise the sound proofing here was amazing. It was like being hit in the face by a million cocks made of sound. Stepped in and lamented the place was carpeted. The carpet stuck to our shoes. It was like walking on a floor covered in half set glue. Poor new guy had at some point lost his shoes so one of us stayed outside with him in the car. As expected the place looked cheap although much of the BDSM gear was no doubt still pricey stuff.

The entire club was built around a central stage with tables all over the place. Every table had a black guy, black woman or dog either on it, above it or chained to it. With the guests obviously availing themselves of them at any point they desired. The bar was along one wall and kept out of the way of the action for the most part although it had a mini stage above it with some poor negress getting slammed by a pair of these huge dogs.

Whole place was f**king revolting. The stage was the worst of it. It was an open stage with an orgy going on all the f**king time with the guests being encouraged to join in. A roiling mass of bodies, leather, metal and fur. Go to the bar and wave the bitches photo in the barmans face. She's here. F**k yes some good luck. Turns out she's been giving these guys thousands every day to have the club to herself and any hangers on she picks up at other clubs.
Unfortunately. She's currently on stage.

Me and the other guy just look at that mess and before I know what is happening he says "not it"
I promptly pick up a random drink off the bar and pour it on him. Informing him that this is a four man job and we have two. Because one has to babysit the one who is currently high on f**k knows what and last we saw him remarking about how he can't feel his shoes. Partner in crime is now wet and sticky. Asks what was in the cocktail I poured on him. Barman answers dog semen. Partner in crime gags and just sort of sits there trembling before I buy a bottle of vodka and pour it all over him.

He feels better but wants to get this over with and take a shower. Agree with the sentiment and head for the stage. This is where it gets fun. We initially try to identify where in the pile she is. It's not pretty. Around fifty people are on stage f**king each other or f**king or being f**ked by dogs. We see a man f**king a dog while another dog f**ks him in the ass.
We see what is probably a dead dog on the floor of the stage. Bleeding from its ass. Probably killed by some negros cock. Witness some poor girl being f**ked by a group of men who are trying to see how many dicks they can get in her holes at once.

All her holes.


Bitch is on her back sliding around in the gooey mess that covers the stage as a f**k huge dog pounds her cunt and a black guy stuffs his cock down her throat. Considering that she's throwing up as he does so we can assume it is not only large but she has a gag reflex.

Step onto the stage and almost fall over due to the accumulated fluids and oozes. Seems they're pretty liberal with the lube here. Partner in crime does fall over and has to pick him up. Push away a bunch of degenerates who try to get our clothes off, pull out batons and start shouting at them to back off. Can't hear us due to music. Start clubbing. In the literal sense. Most don't even seem to notice what is going on.

The degenerates begin to close in on us. One of them holding up a large dog with its erect cock wagging at us.
Realise it's the pony club all over again.

Military GIF by memecandy

Pull out pistol and shoot the nearest speaker Everyone screams and stops f**king often half thrust. Only ones who don't seem to care is our target and those inside her. Train the gun on the various degenerates around us telling them to back off, clubbing any who get too close. Make way to target and tell the negro to get off her. He notices the gun and tries to back off. She grabs his dick and tries to keep stuffing it down her throat but a quick club to his head sees him grabbing it and trying to run away.
Partner in crime pulls the dog off her by its collar and throws it off the stage. Hesitate initially due to seeing just how filthy the target is but grit my teeth and lift her up by her hair, can feel how slimy and gooey it is even through the gloves.

Target is kicking and screaming and swearing in ways an eighteen year old girl should not be doing. As we watch the various loads of semen in her ooze out from between her legs like she's starring in a hentai movie or something. The club now deathly silent by this point aside from heavy breathing can hear the faint "splat" as each gob of semen hits the stage.
But the moment ends.

The barman pulls out a shotgun and shouts at us to get the f**k out. Using targets as human shields we make our way out with the barman shouting as us to drop her. Partner in crime clubs the bouncer in the face as he opens the door leaving the poor fellow with a broken jaw at least. Fortunately the barman does not have the balls to kill a rich white girl and lets us go without acting on his threats.

Third experienced guy is in the rental car.
New guy is nowhere in sight.

Ask where the f**k he went and he said the guy flipped out so he had to stuff him in the boot. Clearly coming down off whatever the ladyboys gave him. Can hear faint muttering from the boot. Something about ants behind his eyes. Ask if he thought to tie up with the new guy, fortunately he did. Throw the target in the back seat and tie her up. Unfortunately I have to deal with more oozing semen. This time slowly oozing down my leg due to her position next to me.

Quickly drive to an alley near the hotel. Grab the kit from the boot. New guy asks if we're the nice young men who have come to take him to see his grandchildren. Briefly worry about him before shutting boot. Does the target with something to knock her out and stuff her in a suitcase. Go to the hotel and take her up to our room in said suitcase.

sassy rupauls drag race GIF by Sarah Zucker
Make sure to tip management appropriately to keep any noise complaints in house. Put up signs outside our room claiming a scene for a film is currently being shot there. Remove the target from the suitcase, draw straws to see who has to clean her. Draw straws to see who showers in what order. Remember we left the new guy in the boot and went to get him.
He's fine just out of it. Convinced he's in a retirement home. F**k knows what he's on. Those of us who were fortunate enough to not have to clean new guys and targets take showers in the lottery chosen order and don fresh clothing. While the new guy and target are cleaned in the shower we prepare travel arrangements. Phone pilot and tell him to hurry the f**k up.
Hear constant whining from the bathroom about how "IT JUST NEVER F**KING ENDS! HOW CAN ONE C*NT HOLD SO MUCH?!"

After three hours the drugs start to wear off but the bitch is pronounced clean. Or at least clean enough. Target wakes up and begins screaming. Quickly gagged and drugged again. Stuffed back into the suitcase.

New guy has sobered up some and is now at least manageable. Start to get some answers as to what happened. Seems he asked the ladyboys about our target. They told him they'd f**ked her a few nights ago. He went along with them hoping to get her before we did and prove how awesome he was. Instead wound up drugged, robbed and spending many hours f**king those ladyboys. Well mostly being f**ked by those ladyboys.

He'd been taken to the bank by them to get money from his account when he noticed the target was there in his drug addled state and managed to hold it together long enough to lead us to her. Guy starts shaking like some kinda shell shock victim. We all know. We've all been there. Leave him to deal with it. Give him some alcohol gel.
Drag target in suitcase and new guy down to the rental car, pack up all our gear and cover the whole hotel room in bleach before we go. Drive to the airport quickly as possible Dump rental car and set it on fire in a ditch next to the airport Plane is ready to go Pile aboard and GTFO

All through the flight we kept the target tied up and gagged in one of the chairs now wearing a jumpsuit we brought for her.
Flight attendant flirts with the new guy, the new guy looks miserable all the way through the flight. Barely responsive. Poor attention must think she's ugly. Fly to the USA! Met by a motorcade at the airport. Target and ourselves are bundled into a vehicle for a six hour drive to bumf**knowheresville. Literally a tiny town with a population of a few hundred.

Stereotypical old school town where everyone knows everyone.
Stop outside this plain and normal looking house. Neighbours must be suspicious about there being five big black cars parked outside his house. Drag girl to the front door with a briefcase given to us by one of our coworkers.

Nice friendly looking old man opens the door. Ask us what we want. Tell him who we're working for and present the girl who is trying her best to scream through the gag. Also give him the suitcase which he opens and checks. Obviously full of f**king money. He thanks us and shouts something into the house in Russian. This gigantic Russian babushka comes out of the back of the house and grabs the girl by the arm dragging her into the house unleashing a horrific tirade of verbal abuse at her all the while.

Old man tells us to wait for his call. Motorcade f**ks off after this with us being left with a single car and our expense account. With instructions to wait in the town. Check into a local motel. It's shit but feels sterile after that horrific place. Eat real food. Feel comfortable enough to not wear gloves for the first time in far too long.

New guy starts to recover from his ordeal a bit. The old town americana thing seems to be doing him wonders. Generally have a wonderful month's vacation in this old school american town.

All good things come to an end. Holiday in small town America comes to an abrupt end with a phone call from the old man telling us he's done and she's ready to be picked up. We sigh and pack up our stuff and get all the gear ready. The drugs, gags, bags and so on. We arrive at his place and he invites us in. We cautiously accept Sat there confused in a very nice living room we see something simply shocking.

The target wearing a dress with her all done up and looking....well normal for a rich bitch. And she's serving us tea. Talking like someone who isn't a spoiled brat, all proper like. The transformation is simply shocking and then we all finally cotton on to who and what this guy was. We brought her to be f**king brainwashed. Nobody has a problem with this. After a rather enjoyable twenty minute tea break with elderly russian couple and a brief cockup with the new guy not understanding why there's jam but no toast, we depart with a much more pleasant target in tow.

Bundle her into the car and she is positively pleasant during the entire ride. A bit of small talk, concern for our wellbeing in this hot weather and so on. Older partner in crime describes her presence as being like morphine. It just makes everything feel fine. Drive to the airport, climb aboard a private jet, on our merry way to Germania. New Guy has recovered in leaps and bounds. Ends up shagging the attendant again.

Target catches them as they had not locked the door to the toilet and is positively shocked by their scandalous behaviour. Spends the rest of the trip unable to even look at them.
Land in Germany. Met by a car. Rather serious affair. Blacked out windows and all. Quickly everyone is stuffed inside. Driven to a very exclusive and expensive private clinic. She already has an appointment under a fake name, has to spend the whole time there with a bag over her head and us on hand to make sure doctors don't sneak a peek. Judging by the amount of time spent fiddling with her cunt it's pretty obvious it's a hymen restoration.

Brief hospital trip over, everyone back to the airport. All the way she remains positively pleasant to be around. Onwards to jolly ol' blighty. Back home at last. When we arrive her father is there with a f**kton of goons to meet us. Talks to her for a moment in a very disney esque reunion. Obviously the only pleasant interaction they've ever had. Father thanks us all for our discretion, speed and so on. Slips up a sizable bonus in cash.

We all f**k off back to the office to be praised by the boss for a job well done. Everything is good. Life is good. Get another month paid vacation since this one brought in a small fortune. New Guy seems fine for the first week but later on turns up in police custody for drugs. Winds up having to go through therapy and rehab. Fortunately the employer covers access to the best available treatment on that front so no NHS psychiatric care (which is shit these days) New Guy makes a full recovery after a year. Learns not to trust strange ladyboys.
And now after telling that story I feel dirty. I need a shower.
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