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4chan Stories of a Private Military Contractor (PMC Anon): The Guinness World Record 4/5

Yelling World Wide Web GIF

I have a daughter story that involves sneaking into a world record *rgy attempt and pretending to be from the guinness book of records.

Began normally. Daddy's little girl runs off with a lower class boyfriend. Discourage boyfriend and retrieve girl. Our merry band sets out with the fucking new guy from the first story having since matured into a much more capable and germphobic individual. Quickly realise that the girl has gone to ground after emptying her accounts. Presumably the boyfriend has the money now.

With the easiest avenue of locating her gone the search drags on for a few weeks. Then one day one of the merry band bursts into the office one day saying he's found where she was a few weeks ago. Loads up a video on the titternet. Yep that's our girl getting railed by around twelve guys. For a sixteen year old they seem to be emphasising that she's 18 a lot.

We fly off to the homeland of the professional p*rn industry, good old yankeeland. Try to question people involved in the studio that produced the video. They're very non-cooperative. Even threats of legal action over her age don't do shit. So we take another approach.

Later that night the four of us rolled up to the place in a rental car. Park it in a nearby alley and look for a way into the studio. It's only a small place, really more of an administrative office really doubt they do much shooting there.

Yank out my lockpicks and get to work on the lock, no problems there it's a shit lock. A quick careful look around the place with the fancy bendy camera thing (I forget its name) reveals some basic motion sensors in the room. One of our merry bands recognises them as cheap ones made by a US firm, these particular ones have a blindspot below a certain height to account for pets. Ask him if that means we have to crawl around.

It does.

Four grown men begin crawling around on all fours through the office. Locate their hard records. Find the target's picture and fake name plus bonus her next scheduled public appearance. World record *rgy attempt.

Invite only.

Well that's one option gone. Note down the address and crawl out of the place before anything goes horribly wrong. Everything went better than expected.
Get some info on the place this is being held and debate to ourselves "right how do we do this?" Stay up all night arguing options. Everything is covered.

Instigating a police raid, smash & grab, trying to bribe our way in, sneaking in with the food, breaking in the night before and hiding, grabbing her when she leaves, etc. Eventually the former new guy hits on a plan. It's a world record attempt. Mother fucking Guinness, Guinness don't do that kind of record but they probably won't know that or be willing to believe they've changed their mind.

Next day go out and buy cheaper suits. Practice Irish accents all afternoon and use the disguise kit. Buy a fuckton of Guinness and load it into a rental van. The day arrives.
Four paddies in a van drive up to the place with a load of Guinness and ask to speak to the guys running the show. Brief explanation and all that Irish charm we can fake get us past their suspicions. Beer helps lubricate the situation in our favour. One of us spends a few hours with them going over the participant records and the rest wander the grounds as the *rgy kicks off.

Couple of hundred heaving bodies all busy sticking or being stuck by others. We see our target right in the middle of the action. F**king rich girls its always about them. See the boyfriend taking some money from other guys. Probably organisers paying for her p**sy. Begin to wonder how we'll pull this off.
Group meets up for brief pow wow over the situation. Decide to try activating the sprinklers and grabbing her in the confusion.

Plan requires more work though. Namely a number of doors must be sealed and some smoke generated to increase panic and distraction. Smog generator located among pyrotechnics supplies in a room of the con centre. Doors are chained shut when no one is looking. Smog goes on! Fire alarm activated!

Initially people don't respond to the sprinklers thinking its part of the *rgy. Few women were bouncing around enjoying the water shower. Then the smog rolls in and they start to panic, everyone starts screaming and trying to escape. Locked doors create blockages and more panic. Target is on the move having been grabbed by boyfriend.

One of us is waiting by one of the few working doors and clubs the boyfriend as he runs out and grabs the target. Throw her into a van and drive off. Love it when a plan comes together. But plans never come together for long.
After returning to the hotel room and cleaning up the target we lock her in the bathroom while we arrange transport home. Transport arranged, got to sit on her for six hours. Check on her in the bathroom and b**ch done bailed!

Turns out the hotel walls are stupidly thin. Obviously we are furious and set out to find her. Call comes in from home, one of the info guys found the boyfriends current address after we'd asked them to f**king ages ago.
Useful info now though, unfortunately he lives in a shitty part of the city. Like gangland shitty. Shrug and grab some guns from the car and drive down there. Brief observation of the slum the guy lives in reveals she is not only there but a few of the boyfriends friends are f**king her while he watches TV.

Time to go for broke, trigger fire alarm in building. F**king things broken and doesn't work. Briefly consider anonymous tips to coppers. Decide against it. Decide that oldies are the goldies and put together some bags of oily rags which we set light to and throw through an open window of his house.

Thick smoke starts to fill the apartment. Stupid drug dealer boyfriend does a runner down the fire escape to find us waiting to clobber him. One of us stays down there to keep kicking him while the rest climb up.

Find target on the floor struggling to walk after the savage f**king she'd enjoyed. Throw her in a sack and back in the f**king van. Give the boyfriend a few kicks for good measure then shoot him in the balls per clients request if we got the opportunity. Drive to the airport, get a ride to catch another flight on a shitty cargo plane and then finally homeward bound.
Alls done and payday is sweet due to the bonus.
And now off I f**k