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A Chat with Azuresands大麻


Out living in the west coast! You'll find the one! and only! the powerful Azuresands大麻! He is a man with many talents and a maker of vaporwave music.

This is my second interview ever and some albums you may have heard from Azuresands大麻 is I Can't Believe It's Not Fabio!, P O R Y G O N I A, As Seen on TV, and Neighbors.

Agora Road: How did you get started making music?

I've messed around with various kind of music since junior high. Record collecting led to radio which led to DJing. By 2008 I was producing my own electronic music, mostly abstract, heady stuff with a retro-analog vibe. By 2012 or so, I was working with samples a lot, layering ambient sounds with bits of yachtrock songs, stuff like that. I wasn't aware of vaporwave at the time.

Agora Road: How did you discover vaporwave?

By 2012 or so, I was working with samples a lot, layering ambient sounds with bits of slowed-down yachtrock songs, stuff like that. I wasn't aware of vaporwave at the time. My first exposure was through memes! But as soon as I realized there was a music scene behind the vw aesthetic, that got my interest in a big way. And in fact, it turned out to be kind of parallel to some of what I was doing: creating alienating atmospheres out of environmental sounds and bits of familiar recordings to elicit an alienating effect.

Agora Road: How did you come up with the name Azuresands?

Azuresands大麻 I messed around with a couple different artist names before deciding on Azuresands, which is the name of a piece of 60s exotica/easy listening music by Les Baxter. I knew the title from the Yma Sumac recording, and it just came to mind when looking at all these pixely edits of beaches and palm trees in cyan and pink gradients... Blue sand! Then I added the kanji characters for "marijuana" because I like like to smoke it when I'm making vaporwave.

Agora Road: Hey that's funny that kinda how I discover vaporwave but it was through simpsonwave youtube videos. Will you do any live shows in the future?

I'v been doing live shows since I started! My "Office Party" album was recorded in June 2016. But yeah I'm always into doing live shows. At this point I've played in Austin and LA, as well as hometown, San Diego shows. It would be fun to do a west coast jaunt or something at some point.

Agora Road: Are in indica or sativa kinda guy?

I lean indica but I prefer hybrids, because I like to have some of that head high, not just pure couchlock. Some of my favorite strains lately are wedding cake, forbidden fruit, and fuelato.

Agora Road: Who would you ever want to collab with?

I'd love to do a 3-way collab with ChrisTTT and nmesh. Something super memed-out.

Agora Road: Do you have any new albums you have planned?

I've got a couple albums finished and awaiting release; presently working on a project called "Narcissistic Personality Superpower".

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