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A Lists of Vaporwave Text & Fonts to Help Make Your Vaporwave Art

:McBetch: A Lists of Vaporwave Text & Fonts to Help Make Your Vaporwave Art :pepsimaN:


So you're trying to make vaporwave art but need a resource to find some cool and aesthetic fonts? Then you've come to the right place. I will list all the different kinds of vaporwave text & fonts that will be perfect for whatever kind of vaporwave artwork you are trying to do. All the best part is that they are all free to use so enjoy yourself!

1. Windows 95 MS San Serif Font


Windows 95 San Serif font is a classic vaporwave text to use in your vaporwave artwork. This text was the default font in microsoft windows machines from 1992 until the millentia. A lot of vaporwave art uses it and it will make your windows theme vaporwave art a "windows nostalgia" look. You can download it here.


2. Classic Macintosh SE Geneva Font


Up next we have the Classic Macintosh SE Geneva font which was used in all classic mac. This font is perfect if you want to rival from al the windows 95 vaporwave art that is all around the internet. This one is a little harder to find but I found a blog that made the geneva font to be customly download for modern machines which he titled Finders Keepers. and you can download it here! I couldn't find much for a macintosh style vaporwave aesthetic art but maybe you can do it to be unique and set yourself apart from the rest!

Here are some examples of the vaporwave text styled macintosh font being used.



3. Classic Macintosh Chicago Font (ChiKareGo)


Another classic Macintosh Style font is the Chicago font, which is similar to the geneva font but it is more truer to the 68k Macintosh bit style. There are to versions of this font which you can use for your vaporwave text which was renamed " ChiKareGo" and " ChiKareGo2″. it was made by the same blog which you can find here. This is also a good vaporwave font to use in your artwork you can mix the Geneva font for a description of your artwork and use the ChiKareGo for the buttons and titles for your vaporwave design.

4. VCR OSD Mono


Now lets take a break from computer fonts and lets get hooked up into VCRs. This font is an aesthetic vaporwave text to use in your art work or and Outrun look. This is the vaporwave test that you want if you like the aesthetic VCR video look. Now you will need to be skilled in graphic design to have a CRT look on the image and have a outer glow effect on the font. But this is the type of font you want to make as a base. You can download it here. and these are some examples of this font being used.

5. Lazer 84


Lazer 84 is more attuned if you want a synthwave/outrun aesthetic for your design work. I get that this isnt necessarily a vaporwave text font but I think it should be included here in case you want to branch out in your artistic journey. You can download it for free here.

6. Alien Encounters


This is the same font used by the vaporwave label Dream Catalog in there poster style art piece above. Visually, their catalog is bathed in a Blue and Purple wash typically associated with 80's Sci-Fi. In this spirit their logo, which utilises the aptly named 'Alien Encounters' typeface, invokes the forward leaning, horizontally sliced fonts of Blade Runner and Tron. This is a perfect vaporwave text font to use if you want have an old movie poster look. Again you can download it for free here.

7. Streamster


Streamster is a more luxury type of font if you want your vaporwave text to have an 80's Patrick Pateman skyrise apartment style for your vaporwave artwork. This is a minimalist font that is perfect for album covers and jazzy type or mallsoft aesthetics. You can download it here.

8. ITC Fenice Regular Oblique


Now if you are a fan of 90s sitcoms like Seinfeld you'll love this font titled "ITC Fenice Regular Oblique". This is a good vaporwave text to use if you want to go for a 90s kids style artwork. I feel this type of vaporwave text would also be goo in apparel or sticker designs and maybe cassettes. You can download this font for free here.

Well there you go! I hope you liked my list. And if you want to join the Vaporwave Community and talk and make friends or seek advice from other artist then join Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe here!



Sep 11, 2020
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This is incredibly helpful, I'd like to make music one day and always wondered about the typography aspect of it
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Love Will Tear Me Apart... Again
Aug 23, 2018
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Great post indeed.
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Oct 7, 2020
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Nice its very useful for creating Vaporwave art, it really shows the aesthetic style of your art
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