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A memeworthy 2hu bit of fanfiction written by 13 year old Aral (Tenshi and Suika)

I wrote this in 2012 (creation date says December 28, 2012), and I decided to translate this memeworthy bit to share with you agorans. I have a much longer one with a depressive Meiling but man, this one was fun to revisit.
Feel free to use as a copypasta and mock in every way you want because it's fucking ridiculous. I was 13. At 13 you suck at writing to the point it's so bad it's good.

Tenshi-suika (the story had no title, this was the file name)

There were not-so-joyful days in Suika Ibuki's life. Like the day on which Tenshi Hinanai, one of her closest friends, almost died from a silly cold that had gotten worse.
In a small house in Gensokyo lived two girls: one of them, Iku Nagae, took care of another, Tenshi Hinanai, while the latter's family, who lived in Heaven, had gone away for a while. They were getting along fine despite Tenshi's selfishness. Iku sometimes had trouble standing her, almost getting mad at her.

On the other side, at Hakurei Shrine, lived Suika Ibuki, a young oni who was friends with Tenshi. She loved alcohol to the point of being drunk nearly all the time.
But something was going to leave a forever mark on these three girls...

It had been cold all day. Tenshi had got out, probably to see Suika or have a drink. She didn't wear much on herself, because she didn't really fear the frost. But on the next day, her state had taken a strange turn. Iku hadn't seen her getting up. She got into the washitsu where her protégé slept.

- Tenshi, why are you like this? - the ribbon girl asked, worried at her friend's bright red cheeks and unfocused gaze.

- I'm cold, my throat burns - the young celestial with blue hair replied, before she was overtaken by a violent fit of coughing.

Iku touched Tenshi's forehead: it was burning and sweaty.

- My, you caught a cold! Did you get out with enough clothes on yesterday? It was freezing cold! - exclaimed Iku.

- Don't think so... I wore my usual clothes, I didn't feel that it was so cold outside - murmured the celestial breathily.

- I'm going to Eientei to speak about all of this to Eirin so she can give me some plants. Otherwise there are some in the bathroom, but I'm going to fill our first aid kit a bit more, before that I'm going to get Suika so she can watch over you while I'm gone.

After some minutes, Suika got into the washitsu where Tenshi was. Tenshi laid on her side with limp arms. Iku had wettened her forehead with some rags soaked in cold water, which had only helped the fever a little bit, but still freshened the girl up.

- Tenshi-chan! - the oni let out, shocked by her friend's state - what's wrong with you?

- I'm... tired, I'm so cold, I can hardly breathe and have barely enough strength to lift my head up

- Tenshi murmured, her throat being too sore to let her raise her voice.

- Don't worry, you'll be fine, Iku's going to give you some plants - said Suika, crouching next to her.

- I will be back in less than five hours - said the sick girl's roommate - Suika, by the way, tomorrow evening I'll go buy food, and I suggest you stay here at least until Tenshi is good again.

- Alright Iku - winked the oni - I'll watch over her, and promise to keep her alive.

The ribbon girl went out of the house, leaving the oni with the celestial. Suika went to get some plants in the bathroom and handed one to Tenshi.

- Eat this, it'll help you - the young drunk told her.

- I can't... - the celestial panted - I cannot swallow...

- C'mon - begged the oni, putting some plant between her friend's teeth.

She tried to chew with the little strength she had and swallowed with a little difficulty.

- I'm tired... - murmured Tenshi, teary-eyed.

- Then sleep... I'll be there with you - Suika comfortingly whispered her.

Tenshi closed her eyes and fell asleep, too tired to move. Sometimes she would cough a bit, then fall back asleep. The horned girl, after drinking some sake, doze off as well.

One hour or two passed until Suika got up. She, too, had fallen into sleep. But looking at her blue-haired friend, she felt strangely worried: Tenshi was abnormally motionless, barely breathing. She didn't even have the strength to cough anymore, her complexion had gotten slightly paler and still teary-eyed. She was still very hot to the touch.

Scared, Suika thought "I promised Iku I wouldn't let her die... I have to do something."

The little drunkard decided to get into her friend's dreams. She adjusted the frequency of her breathing to Tenshi's and slowly fell asleep. The world became shades of grey before she closed her eyes.

*****************Dream sequence*******************
Suika awoke in a strange plain. Where was she? Where was Tenshi?
The wind was blowing, the grass was bending under it in emerald waves. The young oni turned her head and saw the celestial walking alone, a few feet further. She understood that it worked, that she was in Tenshi's dreams! But what was that?

Thinking deeply, Suika suddenly realized that Tenshi was about to die and needed immediate help!

The girl with blue hair stopped when she heard the oni running up to her. She turned to her and smiled.

- Oh Suika-chan, I don't know what you gave me, but... it's weird, I don't feel sick anymore.

- You shouldn't be anywhere in there! - Suika warned her.

- Not yet - a voice sounded behind the girls.

They looked behind: Komachi Onozuka was there with her scythe, seemingly calm.

- My little Tenshi Hinanai... you're not dead, your time hasn't come. Otherwise you would be on the banks of the Sanzu right next to my boat. Suika is right, you shouldn't be here. Fever badly weakened you, but you're alive. You won't die, I promise, little celestial - the Shinigami said in a soft and trusting tone.

Suika gently patted Tenshi's back.

- I'll say it again, it's not your time. Follow Suika and when your time will really come, I'll come to get you myself to take you to the underworld. Goodbye, my little girls - said Komachi, before she turned and left.

A light blinded the two friends... then nothing.

*****************End dream sequence *******************

Suika regained consciousness close to Tenshi. Her breathing was deeper, more regular, and less hoarse. Relieved, she caressed her forehead, happy to have been able to save her before it was too late. If she hadn't survived, how would've Iku and the Hinanai clan reacted?

Suika preferred not to think about it and snuggled up against her friend. She opened one eye.

- I had a strange dream - murmured Tenshi - a big plain, you were with me, and we talked to Komachi.

The oni, despite her unwillingness to lie, had to do it for the blue haired girl's sake.

- Oh, that was probably just the fever - said Suika, embracing the celestial - at times it makes you a bit delirious.

Tenshi turned her head. It was night and she was hearing footsteps outside.

- I think Iku's there.

Just at this moment, the ribbon girl was back. She was completely exhausted from the trip to Eientei.

- I took a while, I'm sorry, I can't go very fast. Eirin told me it wasn't too bad and that I could do with what I have. She only gave me enough to make some herbal tea, so this awful fever can go down - Iku said.

- Send her a thank you note from me - said Tenshi, her voice still a bit husky and coughy.

- She's already doing much better than this morning - Suika noticed.

- Yeah, the fever is starting to go down, that's a good sign - the ribboned firl replied - how do you feel, Tenshi?

- Weak still... I'm exhausted - she breathed - but it's not as hard to breathe and my throat is a bit less sore.

Happily, Suika went to get rice to feed her ravenous and exhausted friend. She also gave her Eirin's herbs and the herbal tea. Tenshi, without objecting, took what she had to, but had a bit of trouble eating. Iku helped her.

That night, Suika slept next to her still to watch over her, in case something was to go wrong - even if it was unlikely then - and warn Iku about Tenshi's death if it was to occur.

Tenshi after a few days was back on her feet, still a bit weak but no longer in danger, all thanks to Suika.



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