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Album Review: "Marina Forever" by Tupperwave

In March 2021, the legendary vaporwave musician Tupperwave has released his album "Marina Forever", the cover was made by the artist Lord Depis:
https://twitter.com/lorddepis and it's a beautiful art, in my opinion. So, let's start the review!
Blue Sky: this is the first track of the album, and, I would say it is in a traditional vaporwave style. The whole track gives you a warm notalgic feeling and it really makes you feel like a summer day, it's something that you listen and you say "woah this is the song I will listen to this summer while staring at the sunset in my car".
Timeless: another very traditional sounding piece, I'm starting to believe that the whole album will give me a nostalgic feel, but to be honest if I'm not here for this then I don't know. Still, this song is completely different from Blue Sky, so we can already see the sound variety of this masterpiece.
Luxury Dining: the intro of this song will give you chills, birds chirping, vintage sound, and then, the guitar, a simple melody that gets mixed with many other sounds giving us the feelings we want while listening to this music genre.
Esplanade: piano intro? perfect! vocals? on point! this song will make you feel extremely emotional and seriously, I don't want to spoil it or anything, just listen to it and let your emotions and your ears go with the flow.
Waterfront: there's something that shines in this song, I don't know if it is because of the bright sounds or anything else, it's just so good, it has got many instruments in it, all perfecly mixed, it is slow, it is something to feel in your heart, the trumpets, all these glittered sounds, everything.
Kirra Sunset: guitar, rhythm, a great melody, and vocals, do I need to say anything more? there's something typical from classic rock in this song that I cannot explain.
Paradise Point: this song starts in a completely different way, it's unexpected, the whole idea is so pleasing, the flute is a great addition to it, I cannot stress this enough, listen to the album, at this POINT, literal paradise.
Deep Brown Eyes: this song is literally so so so happy, and especially, the title is a big victory for my dark brown eyed self. I love the whole track, there is no part that I feel like I should highlight because it's just great, adding it to the list of my favorite songs right now.
Lighthouse: it starts with a singing part, and then the overall melody is bright, filled with piano instrumentals and Japanese sungparts, it gives you city pop vibes, 80s vibes.
Obscura: if I'm not wrong, the principal melody is played by a trombone, mixed with electronic instrumentals that give us the perfect vaporwave feel, and it goes on like this until the end, getting more and more emotional.
This Is It: this last track is giving me such 80s vibes, maybe it's the vocals, maybe it's just me, but that's literally what I needed to hear today, the harmonica fits perfectly in it, it's just great.

My biggest congratulations to Tupperwave for this masterpiece, and of course, my biggest congratulations to Lord Depis who did the cover art for it, you are all very much appreciated.
Bandcamp: View: https://thevaporroom.bandcamp.com/album/marina-forever


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