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Album Review of "Temple of Null" by Acetantina (now known as Kaizo Slumber)

Hi guys! I've finally graduated and I finally have all the time I want to review albums!
Today I was browsing some albums on the Internet and I've decided to make a review of this masterpiece by Acetantina, now known as Kaizo Slumber, they're a Sudan-based artist and they're now producing more rave-oriented music.

Puddle of Nitrogen: this is an extremely creative track. It contains vocals, synths, electronic drums and more! It has got a mystic vibe, which is something that is both pleasing and not too detached from this artist's music. This track creates a whole new reality in the space around you, it's like reality shifting but without actually doing it!
Diet Meth: starting with Japan spoken parts, then it gets more and more rhytmical. It gives you a nice sense of confusion but it keeps the same style of Puddle of Nitrogen, the main difference is that is actually has these spoken parts that get repeated throughout the whole song. And then...calm
Lonely Network: the initial sung part gives us a whole signal wave experience, in fact, this song is probably pretty much influenced by that music genre. It is rhythmic,, and it is repetitive, just like a distubed signal that keeps going on and on.
Fanfare for Astral Projection: here the signal wave influence is still present, but, there is also an African music influence, it's tribal, but modernized and nostalgic. In the end it becomes a little bit more techno.
Foot Cramp: it is a very repetitive-techno-like song, at some point the "signal" gets more confusing making the whole song seems to be made to let you enter a whole new dimension and it maintains the same vibes as Puddle of Nitrogen and especially of Diet Meth.
The Glow from Above - Sludge Crunk Mix: the sound of this song is dark, electronic, with many techno vibes, it's more rhythmic than melodic but I personally enjoy it more this way!
Phoshop: bells? yes, bells. This part seems a TV commercial break, but, it's like a break from the masterpieces we have listened to during these minutes, I don't know if this was the intent of Kaizo but I honestly really like it.
Temple of Null: this is synthwave art, seriously. It is calm, it is different from every other song in the album, it gives me the feeling of being in an elevator in Japan and that I'm going to literal heaven. I love it.
Spirit: feat Octa Sheffner, this song has again signal wave and techno influences. Both the artists have made such a great job on this track.
Dream Deluxe:
synths again, a track that was made for situations where you need to lay in bed and think, that's all you need, and of course, a little bit of signal wave! To be honest it's kind of impossible to describe this track so I seriously suggest you to listen to it!
Five: final track of the album! it's calm, with a nice disturbed signal that tends to stay during the song. It's full of relaxing frequencies, almost as if it was meditation music, or better, I would absolutely use this song to meditate and to relax. At some point it gets a little bit different, but with the same intent that was present at the beginning of the track.

I have absolutely loved this album and I seriously cannot wait to see more from this artist, this is a whole masterpiece and I will enjoy listening to this again and again.

BandCamp link: https://kaizoslumber.xyz/album/temple-of-null


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Oct 22, 2020
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