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Album Review of "You (RC95 Edit)" by Runners Club 95

After a short holiday in Rome in order to see my boyfriend I'm finally back with my album reviews :D
I have decided to change the style of how I write my reviews in order to make it a little bit more of a whole text instead of just a list of songs with my opinions near them!
Okay so, Runners Club 95 is a duo from Sweden who has been making and publishing vaporwave music together since 2017. Today I will focus on their last single that came out on June 26, 2021.
It's a song performed by blo00dwave and, of course, Runners Club 95.
The starting is characterized by some synths chords, and then the song starts. The voice is of course edited pretty much to get that deep tone, and it is overall a summer-nostalgic mood, which is actually perfect. The lyrics say "You're the reason I belong here" which makes the song even a romantic piece with vaporwave as its main genre but, then there's also a kinda techno feel and a moderate rhythm, the base has got some "typical summer" instruments.
Overall it makes me feel emotional and nostalgic of the good times I just spent in the capital, but, in general it's a great fusion of what vaporwave, a love song, and a summer hit would be, it's the perfect fusion!

LINK TO THE SONG: View: https://open.spotify.com/album/4fdj79Ejdb2XXkt5thvXy9


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