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Anti-Piracy Fixed By Real Internet People |++++Pyromania++++|

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:BurgerTime: This E-zine was written by Pyromania May 2005 :BurgerTime:

(NOTICE: The text in Bold was commentary by Pyromania against the RIAA)

Old as the Barbary Coast, New as the Internet - No black flags with skull and crossbones, no cutlasses, cannons, or daggers identify today's pirates. You can't see them coming; there's no warning shot across your bow. Yet rest assured the pirates are out there because today there is plenty of gold (and platinum and diamonds) to be had (RIAA GET OUT OF MY WALLET). Today's pirates operate not on the high seas but on the Internet (Bullshit), in illegal CD factories (what are we making cyber drugs too WOO you rip off your own artists), distribution centers, and on the street.

The pirate's credo is still the same--why pay for it when it's so easy to steal? (Your credo is the same too, Treat the Population like sheep, make them feel bad and ignore the fact you jumped the prices of cds from a max of 15 to 25 But yeah Sure and you go on about how wrong as it was ever? Being a con artist is Wrong and Illegal and you guys are doing a hell of a job at Lying and stealing) The credo is as wrong as it ever was. Stealing is still illegal (Unless your a big company like MCI WORLDCOM or ENRON), unethical, and all too frequent in today's digital age (YOUR MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING). That is why RIAA continues to fight music piracy. Oh yes lets see A cd is 15-25 a pop i mean at Min wage that is 3-6 hrs.

You Guys have the Black flags and the Weapons, Your fighting kids who are innocent and just want to listen to music, So not just fuck the riaa But Fuck Your Evil Black Money Grubbing Greedy Hearts. you heartless bastards. A bunch of kids download music and it doesn't hurt your cd sales at all because THE CDS WERE NOT SELLING BEFORE. WHY?? THEY COST TOO FUCKING MUCH YOU STUPID FUCKING MORONS. We do not download a cd cause we want to steal it, WE ARE TOO BROKE TO BUY YOUR CDS. We aren't rich, rich kids have cds and they share but you wouldnt fuck with a rich kid dling music cause they have enough money to really sue your ass. Now us Poor Kids/and Teenagers And Adults who can't afford a big corporate lawyer leave us without kissing or giving us a slap on the ass.
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"Piracy" generally refers to the illegal duplication and distribution of sound recordings |Piracy is actually more like a Gang on the seas, Like any gang they do not follow the laws of the country because they are trying to form their own|. There are four specific categories of music piracy:

Pirate recordings are the unauthorized duplication of only the sound of legitimate recordings, as opposed to all the packaging, i.e. the original art, label, title, sequencing, combination of titles etc. This includes mixed tapes and compilation CDs featuring one or more artists. (Copyright law, It is illegal to Distribute

:bartJAM: Meaning SELL not give
:bartJAM: Unauthorized copies
:bartJAM: Meaning you made them and sold them

If i copy a song of the radio is it illegal? Actually No, The Cds are already bought and they are shared with a friend or 2, and then they share it, It is not Illegal To SHARE music, Because then IT IS ILLEGAL to do radio

Counterfeit recordings are unauthorized recordings of the prerecorded sound as well as the unauthorized duplication of original artwork, label, trademark and packaging. You can make copies of a Movie, Dvd, Cd, Games all you want. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T SELL IT, ITS LEGAL.

Bootleg recordings (or underground recordings) are the unauthorized recordings of live concerts, or musical broadcasts on radio or television. |No because recording something publicly is not illegal, You can record off the radio, You paid for the concert so you can record their too, Oh so TIVO IS ILLEGAL:confused::confused:??

Online piracy is the unauthorized uploading of a copyrighted sound recording and making it available to the public, or downloading a sound recording from an Internet site, even if the recording isn't resold. Online piracy may now also include certain uses of "streaming" technologies from the Internet. (NO WHERE on the copyright law it says you cannot Upload or Download copyrighted material. This is not 1984 and you do not own the music after it is sold You just own the rights to sell it) This right here is the biggest Bullshit.

Many do not understand the significant negative impact of piracy on the music industry. Though it would appear that record companies are still making their money and that artists are still getting rich, these impressions are mere fallacies. Each sale by a pirate represents a lost legitimate sale, thereby depriving not only the record company of profits, but also the artist, producer, songwriter, publisher, retailer, ... and the list goes on. The consumer is the ultimate victim, as pirated product is generally poorly manufactured and does not include the superior sound quality, art work, and insert information included in legitimate products. Bull Shit Statement.

Each year, the industry loses about $4.2 billion to piracy worldwide -- "we estimate we lose millions of dollars a day to all forms of piracy." "Music has always been copied and shared, It has never been legit"- Pyromania. The USA is in a recession and is suffering inflation from greed so Kids Today cannot afford 4 cds for 100 bux, Want more money? MAKE THE FUCKING CDS CHEAPER!!!!!!

Music pirates are the first to lose because the recording industry and law enforcement officials are cracking down around the world. Do the crime and you will pay the fine or do the time. The so called Pirates aren't suffering, Plus the FCC *Federal Communications Commission" is saying what the RIAA is doing is ILLEGAL, Infringement is an actual Hacking tool USED by the RIAA scans computers and then threatens their ISP to get their address to sue them. The only ones doing a crime is the RIAA. Btw does the RIAA know they are being boycotted?

Consumers also lose because the shortcut savings enjoyed by pirates drive up the costs of legitimate products for everyone. Plus, good luck returning a pirated tape or CD when the quality is inferior or the product is defective, as it often is. This is their lie to raise prices. Btw www.imesh.com www.limeware.com www.imule.com
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Honest retailers (who back up the products they sell) lose because they can't compete with the prices offered by illegal vendors. Less business
means fewer jobs, jobs often filled by young adults. Big Companies Outsourcing jobs like making cds to China gets rid of jobs. So Older adults fill jobs that usually Young adults get. There are no illegal Vendors, Goto the store and look at cd prices. It's a rip off, Cds with 10 songs are 20-25 bux Nirvana - Nevermind is 20 bux still and it came out over 10 years ago. Retailers get hurt more off of shoplifting than they do of so called illegal vendors "meaning: your sons friend tom bought a cd and burned it for him"

Record companies lose. Eighty-five percent of recordings released don't even generate enough revenue to cover their costs. Record companies depend heavily on the profitable fifteen percent of recordings to subsidize the less profitable types of music, to cover the costs of developing new artists, and to keep their businesses operational. The thieves often don't focus on the eighty-five percent; they go straight to the top and steal the gold.

Btw you can make cds real cheap so buying one cds at 25 is like buying 10 cds, because they do not cost a shitton of money to make. You Screw over
your artists and make a hell of alot more money off them then they do. Then drop em when the fad changes.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the creative artists lose. Musicians, singers, songwriters and producers don't get the royalties and fees they've earned. Virtually all artists (95%) depend on these fees to make a living. The artists also depend on their reputations, which are damaged by the inferior quality of pirated copies sold to the public. (LOL BULLSHIT LOL) You guys get most of the artists royalties LOL you guys are full of shit

Breaking into the music business is no picnic. Piracy makes it tougher to survive and even tougher to break through. As recording artist "Tool" noted,
"Basically, it's about music -- if you didn't create it, why should you exploit it? True fans don't rip off their artists." That was maynard james keane and they probably told him to say that. But MJK Fuck you, Fuck tool, Fuck your lable, Fuck the RIAA. YOU EXPLOIT YOUR FANS, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP. Who are you to tell your fans what to do? Your fans who support you and buy your music and share it with their friends who then goto your concerts to see you live *WHICH BTW YOU SUCK LIVE* and enjoy it and now you say Piracy isn't cool and you're a loser and I hate you if you do it. Big time FUCK YOU .

It's not a Picnic to make it into the music business but i'm not gonna go suck cock in a record company to make it, P2P helps Independent Artists and Bands that keep all royalties and can make music freely without the producers who make the music POP yes ever wonder why controlled radio all sounds the same? IT SELLS.

++++ Pyromania++++


Start Your Warez group today and tell these greedy corporate fuckers to STFU and just make the music.


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ooh, very interesting read. i'd be quite interested to hear what our musicians here think of this, especially if they make a livlihood from it. copyright is a very prickly issue in some of the arts, and also THE most complicated law there is, even more than tax laws!
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