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Any 2000's nostalgia music similar to vaporwave?


I've heard of metrosong music and it's really my first time delving into it (currently listening to Leaf - Jude Frankum) and it really feels nostalgic for the 2000's. This is really weird as I'm not used to this so if anyone is educated on Metrosong an explanation of the movement would be nice. (I might just research on my own)
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Metrosong = vaporwave, albeit based on the present and/or recent past. Also not long for this world if their mod on Reddit can't behave. But yeah...same techniques, same visual language, etc. Basically another "craze" burp like Seapunk, Witchhouse, etc.

Weirdly, there's not really anything much else that references the 2000s as "feed material" (unless you count coronawave). You DO have some microgenres that fit the 2000s and on's aesthetic, such as PC Music, but you wouldn't really call those "nostalgic". Now, if you want something that hits a nostalgia vein but which isn't present-day, my suggestion would be to get a copy of the full version (NOT the USA-only single CD version on Big Life!) of The Orb's "Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" or the very related KLF album, "Chill Out". No, they're not present-day...but as textbook examples of how to intercut samples with musical structures to reinforce the "suspension of disbelief" that the combo relies on, they're brilliant. In a very real sense, that makes these albums above very important to the later development of vaporwave. And studying "early music"...doesn't matter what the "early" implies, really...is always helpful in understanding what you're doing right effin' NOW.

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