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Auragraph – Memory (Synthwave Album Review)

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From the City of Angels... Comes AURAGRAPH with his debut album "Memory Tracer". Auragraph takes you on a journey through the 80s with vintage synthesizers and a dose of nostalgia. The album will be available on physical and digital format at Hiraeth Records on April 17th!


AURAGRAPH is an experimental synthesizer-based project by Texas born Hector Carlos Ramirez, based in Los Angeles, California. Carlos played in several bands within the hardcore and punk scene in Laredo, Texas, before a move to Austin prompted his fascination with synthesizers and samplers. AURAGRAPH was established in 2018 after years of producing electronic music under several different project names.

AURAGRAPH delivers a blend of minimalism, ambient and lo-fi synthesis with upbeat analog drum patterns recalling the framework for genres like House and early Techno.

Stranger Things?

Carlos Ramirez has composed and mixed for shows like Stranger Things and Nat Geo's Valley of The Boom, as well as collaborated with artists like S U R V I V E and Missions.

Many of AURAGRAPH's songs have come to life in Carlos' own home, recording his ideas by patching in various synths with brut analog drum sounds. Memory Tracer is his debut full length album.
Now lets get started with the review!

This is the first track of the album to get you in the turbo groove of what waits ahead. It showers you in a downtempo mantra and lifts up your spirits in back alley hangouts and discarded taverns. is heavily composed of fast motion synthesizers.
"Linear" brings you on a journey to groove through the depths of a cyberpunk terrain.

View: https://youtu.be/AVQzx39N0L8

Here is the man himself playing "Polywave". This track of the album has a smooth dream like rhythm to it. I can see the waves crashing down in symbiosis with the the pleasures of our consciousness. The song progresses into a archaic retro symphony of the past. It makes you filled with wonder and delightful of what else can come next as you listen to the dreams of orcas singing to our synthetic future.
It is great to be played in tune with a CRT TV showing cuts and mixes of Nat Geo Nature documentaries. That would be a cool addition to the video of and already fantatic track. In fact I'm tempted to make that myself.

Event Horizon
"Event Horizon" feels like it builds up and then it takes you on a trip into a psychedelic journey. It has an interesting mix of synth and drone to produce the necessary psychedelic effect you till feel in this track. In fact it kinda reminds of Tool.
You can imagine being in a dark hellscape fighting with the forces that prisons your mind. You need to escape these demons, but you need to produce the evolution of the sacred rite of passage.


This song is for desert riders only. So get up on your Harley and ride deep into the sand dunes of Venus. This picture is what I feel as a visual representation of this song.

Just imagine riding on the sandy hills, being the only human on a distant planet. You try to find what lies ahead, you speculate but atlas all you can do is to keep moving forward. This is my favorite track of the album.

Woop! We got a upbeat dance mix in here! Reach the singularity with your cybercop GF. Experience the freedom of total satisfaction and retro synth grooves. If you are looking to add a track into your set then "Singularity" is the perfect track to play in your live DJ shows. "Singularity" uses whats need in a club dance mix but still has its dreamlike charm.

Memory Tracer
Lastly, we end with what the album was named after! Memory Tracer is a closer. Once you have listen to the album this track will drift you out of memory. It has not synths and no rhythm.

It is a flatline conglomerate of memories long forgotten to ritualize the ending of the album.
This album is available in different formats

Hiraeth Records will release the album on vinyl record, CD and MiniDisc. The album will be released on both black and clear vinyl records. The CD and MiniDisc are packed with three extra bonus tracks! All formats will have a download code. The cassette will be available through Chewing Foil. Items are for sale on April 17th, 17:00 Amsterdam Time. https://hiraethrecords.com/shop/

View: https://auragraphmemorytracer.bandcamp.com/album/memory-tracer


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Sep 11, 2020
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Memory Tracer is the best synthwave album released this year, hope it gets more popular.
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