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Basic Sampling 101 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love YouTube


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May 29, 2018
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Disclaimer I did not make this u/IPoAC made it. I reposting it here for Macintosh Cafe shoppers all credit goes to him/her!

Welcome to Basic Sampling 101! You've no doubt come here because you either:

A) Don't know where to find samples or B) Don't know how to sample what you want.

So sit back and watch as I pull the curtains back on this really difficult process.

Required tools:


A YouTube to MP3 or similar website


Good taste

Note that you can certainly get more fancy and sample VHS, Vinyl, Wax Cylinder, ect. but today we're focusing on getting sampling done quick and easy to get those tracks rolling.

Go to YouTube and search up some tunes using the good taste you brought along. Unfortunately good taste isn't something I can teach you, and even that's subjective in the end. If you're going for the average Vaporwave sound I suggest looking up some smooth jazz or something.Let's grab this Kenny G song for example.

Copy the video link and head over to http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ or whatever converter site you prefer. Download the file after it's done converting.

Congratulations! You've got your sample! Now you can throw it into whatever DAW you use and slow it down to the tempo that makes you happy.

"But what if I want to sample only part of a track/album/movie/interview?" I hear you cry.

Well, you can still use the method I just brought you through but I agree that filtering through over 30 minutes of audio for one sample is a bit of a pain in the ass. So here's where we get slightly more technical but still really easy.

Download and install Audacity.

Open Audacity and choose Windows WASAP in this wee dropdown.

Voila! You can now record your computer's audio output. Now the possibilities are endless as you can sample literally any audio coming from your computer. All you gotta do is hit record in Audacity and hit play on what you intend to sample. Be weary that any adjustments in volume in your system will be reflected in the recording, so if your sample is really low volume you can either turn up your volume or adjust the mic gain in Audacity. Just remember to export it as a wav file afterwards and you're good as gold.

Hit up this link for a little more in depth info of using this method if you want.

Here's a few quick YouTube searches for the lazy to get your basic sample library poppin':

Japanese funk

Album oriented rock

Smooth jazz

80s R&B

Don't be afraid to get sucked down a YouTube hole either, that's where the juicy samples are really found!

What you do with your sample after that is up to you. Slow it down in Audacity if you want, warp it up Ableton, turn it into Future Funk in FL Studio. Not sure where to go next? Well, you're in the right place if you're looking for vaporwave specific advice. I highly suggest checking out the wiki for this subreddit for starters, but remember that there's no set way to make vaporwave; you've got to know how to learn and apply your own production knowledge to your tracks, so peel back your eyelids and watch all the tutorials you can and absorb that shit like a sponge because there's so, damn, much, of it.

Hope this answers some of your beginner questions, I know it's one of the most asked around here so I did my best to cover all the bases.

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