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Black-Hatters, Phreakers, Anarchists & Psychonaut; let's talk!?!s


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Any of these ppl out there; share knowledge, share ideas and share tragedies and triumphs. What's the newest in you're world? Like minded ppl be heard and not seeen; shadows of the night we are but ppl in the light of day. JH1977 here for discussion and more.... hit back and be heard but not seen.


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I can most definitely call myself an anarchist. Black-hatter? Read my username, heh. Phreaker? Only if you are to count the one time I unintentionally got a free call out of a pay-phone. Psychonaut? Not unless my copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook is going to tell me how to make a few sheets of acid cheaply (At the time of writing, I'm unemployed. Got laid off-nasty story.).

Since the popular view of anarchy is the quasi-statist, communist-lite, Antifa-type version (which I'd hesitate to label as "anarchism" at all, due to the inherent power dynamics of redistribution-related activity), and I'm not in agreement with their philosophy, I can't provide you with an update on their "achievements" or activities. However, I can update you on Ross Ulbricht, who seems to be anarchist or at least agorist. The Supreme Court denied his petition of certiorari, which in layman's terms essentially means "We don't care about your case, and are therefore not going to hear it." There's a good and a bad that comes out of this: the bad is that there's no more appeals that can be made, and the good is that he has one hope left to be free: Get a presidential pardon. There's currently a petition out on change.org, https://www.change.org/p/freerosspe...-life-for-a-website-realdonaldtrump-free-ross It's looking good at the moment. Also, the "judge" (I use the quotes because I have yet to see her serve any justice) who threw the book at him has retired. Selling judgements to the government should give her enough money to live the rest of her life comfortably.

If you want to talk some more about anarchism/Ross, my PMs are open.
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