Black Ops "gaining revenge and/or profit" by MRDark of The Militia (February, 2008)

:blueskull: Bring ing back another interesting E-Zine from the past! It seems that this one was written in 2008 so its not that long ago but I thought it was pretty entertaining. Black Ops "gaining revenge and/or profit" by MRDark of The Militia (February, 2008) :blueskull:
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First of all I will explain the difference between a black op and a night op.

Black ops are based on gaining revenge and/or profit, such as graffiti/vandalism or car shopping or any other such types of theft.
Black ops are the more explicit operation activity which is what I and many others on this forum are into (I'm assuming).

Night ops are more about the knowledge and self satisfaction of exploration and sometimes taking a small or unique item to remember the adventure,
and often or not it's not noticeable that anyone ever did access the area when it comes to day time the next day.

Both very similar but there are the differences. Black ops are done mainly by criminal activists and night ops are done mainly by urban explorers.
Personally I think black ops serve more purpose which is why I do them.

Okay now that is out of the way let's get to it.

What this guide will be split up into:
  • Successful planning
  • Recommended "tools"
  • What to wear
  • Sneaking out, basic tips, travelling and doing the o
  • Getting away from cops
  • Distractions(bonus)

First thing you want to make sure is that you have a plan. Whether you're going out into the country/woodland to fuck a horse, or whether you're going out to vandalise some property, you're going to need to know what the fuck you're going to do, and how you're going to do it; I can not stress how important this is.

So what you're going to need is to plan and go over your main route and escapes (alleys etc) and so you don't go into any dead ends,
because that's the last thing you want if you DO fuck up and have cops on your tail. So make your planning as thorough as possible and mark all your escape routes with a highlighter and go over your routes in your head and on the map, just to confirm your safety. It is best to have a back up plan as well, just in case things do fuck up for whatever reason...every REAL criminal knows to have a backup plan, and to an extreme extent, some where to hideout, such as a friends house/backyard, car park (be careful with this, they do have CCTV...the stairwells however do not, but they have homeless people in them), public toilet (if they're open),
dumpster etc.

Try to memorize your routes and escapes if you can, because you looking through sheets of paper (your plans) is going to look suspicious and get you in trouble if a cop does manage to get to search you for what ever reason, since he has proof of intent; and besides it will just focus your mind on just the routes and you want to be relaxed when doing the actual goal; it's also generally a load of hassle to have a ton of papers on you during the op.

This time recently I even checked out the area for myself in the daytime while most were out at work and I could see clearly my surroundings and get a feel and memory for it. Maps and directions can be deceiving and explained poorly, so get a general 1st hand look for yourself as well to compare to the maps.

So rule #1 is plan before anything, and make sure it is a working plan; and always always memorize and go over your plans before you do...even the same night as the op, just a few hours before you actually do go on your op.

It's better to be cautious and to keep looking over your plan, there may be something new you notice when you go over it again that could be vital.

Recommended Tools
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Every black op anyone goes on and any night op for that matter you will need some form of protection with you, because you are not going to be the only piece of scum crawling the streets at night, there will be drunks, hookers (this ain't so bad), druggies, gang members and homeless people. I personally carry a browning flip knife with me (it'll do until I get a tanto blade again) as opposed to the ghetto switchblade I made from my switchblade comb (I don't trust it) and some bleach in a spray bottle for me to use (comes in handy for more than just spraying in people's eyes, trust me).

I also now have a leatherman multi tool set, small compact and very handy. Also make sure that you have a nice bright miniature torch (I recommend Maglite).

If all you're going to do is graffiti and/or vandalise then you can just get a dark navy blue, burgundy or black tool belt or pistol belt with pouches on it (you can get these from ebay). If however you're going to be stealing or stencilling (different to just normal graff and vandalizing) then get a big enough backpack of suitable colour and have it up tight, this will stop crashing around of items and crashing into your back and ass while you're running, walking or sneaking. I myself recommend just using the tool belt with the extra pouches, it's better organized and I know where everything is kept in them.

If you're just going to vandalise (yes it's different from graffiti) then tools I recommend taking are corkscrews(do wonders on cars), petrol and matches (maybe even molotovs), brake fluid (for car paintwork) and a hammer, wire cutters and screwdriver (screwdriver is if you want to badge a car). And you could also make a pyrcete brick like in my guide here:

(if you read that guide you'll get the jist of it and why I mentioned it)

Personally it's a fucking pain in the arse to have it all separately which is why I have the leatherman multi tool set. It's a black op's god send.

If you just want mischief then just take eggs, duct tape(duct tape peoples doors and cars) catfood for putting on lawns(not my idea), bleach for lawns, and rocks you can most likely find in the street.

It's a fucking bitch when you go on a black op and forget one vital thing, meaning the night is fucked and your going home early and are most likely going to get caught. Whether your going to fuck that horse and you forgot lube or a condom, or whether you are "getting up" and you forgot one of your spray caps or stencils; make sure you have everything packed ready in time for when you go on the op to save time, and so you know you have everything before hand and are not rushing about and forget to pack something.

But be sensible and only take a backpack if you need to (seriously I swear by tool belts); because it can slow you down and if you ditch it the wrong way then you have a lot of evidence against you. I usually just wear a jacket with large inside and outside pockets along with the tool belt, for example if I was going to steal a car or egg someone's house or fuck a horse because I don't need a lot of tools, where as graffiti you need to carry a lot all at the same time, and if you plan to do a huge piece of a character or w/e then you'll most likely be using a huge stencil so you'll need lots of space to put it in, same applies with theft of large items.

What to wear
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Now 1st I'm going to set one popular belief false.

Wearing all black is just as bad as wearing nothing at all on a black op, trust me it is easier to see you. Because you can't honestly tell me that the entire sky/surroundings is TOTALLY black, well we don't want to stick to one colour/shade because you will stick out from the other shades.

The best colours to wear are black or dark grey trousers/jeans and a long sleeve dark navy blue top, or a burgundy top. Burgundy is a darkish red colour for you retards who don't know.

Dark woodland is still also your friend in woodland areas and in some cases an urban area at night.

It's important to have some regular clothes underneath such as a beige top and normal jeans underneath(or you can keep your other jeans on) so that when you get out of sight from the cops if they see you then they won't be looking exactly at the guy they saw a minute ago with the dark navy blue hoody.

Footwear is vital to your environment. If you're in a neighbour hood/sub urban area, then running shoes/trainers are ideal. Nike or k-swiss are the best brands to go for, and I recommend Nike airmax95s like the one's I've got. Do not get Nike shocks, they are shit.

(You can also wear multiple pairs of socks for extra silence...this works exceptionally well on terrain with gravel)

But if you're in the woodland areas then your going to want strong but light boots so that you don't bust your ankle up while running. Brands I suggest are Hi-Tec.

You're going to want to keep your identity hidden as much as possible, and the first thing witnesses will describe to cops is your face if they have seen it. So for sub urban areas a ski mask or hoody with bandanna covering mouth and face is ideal; where as woodland areas a bandanna covering mouth and nose with a cap is ideal, because you need to see in more directions as much as possible since it's more open.

Sneaking out, basic tips, travelling and doing the op
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Before I mention this I'm just going to say that if you snore loud enough to be able to hear from your bedroom then it is ideal to record yourself snoring from the night before onto a tape player, to make it more realistic.

Now most parents go to bed between 10:30-12:00pm and wake up between 4:30am-6:00am, so you need to choose the best time suited between the time your parents go to bed, and when they wake up for work or w/e.

Try to stay away from doing ops on weekends because it's tricky to make an estimate of when they are going to wake up (since they can either stay in bed later or get up early to do jobs round the house) so it's 50/50 with weekends. Also because a lot of people are out on the piss and come back late from clubbing at all different times, it's all too unpredictable and you'll get in a lot more trouble and confrontations trust me.

Weekdays are better because they'll most likely be tired from work that day and go to bed earlyish and fall to sleep easier, but the downside is they'll most likely wake up earlier for work the next day.

Pass the time by either going on the net, packing stuff for your op, watching a film or W/E you want or normally do until you know they are asleep (easy to know with my parents because they make more noise snoring than a foghorn). Now get pillows and blankets, sheets and w/e else you can and make the form of a body under your bed quilt(cover) and make a head as well with either a basketball or another pillow, if you have one of those masks with hair attached then you can make it seem more realistic.

Usually i just get pillows to make the body and one up far enough onto my pillow and then pull the sheet over where my head would usually be; but experiment until you get it looking good enough.

Now turn off your electronics in your room and come out your bedroom.

Creaky floorboards?...not a problem, just creep closer to the walls where the floor boards have more support and are less creaky. And now go out of the front door or back door depending on which door is underneath your parents bedroom.

Now for travelling if it's not too far then you can go on foot, but if it's a fair distance then take a bike and wear a reflective vest (no one will suspect someone wearing something so geeky to be up to no good, also you can get in trouble for not being visible while on a bike)

Once you are there you're going to want to put your bike and reflective vest into a dumpster nearby for safe keeping and picking up later.

You want to stay out the way as much as you can from car lights and light in general. The dark is your friend along with bushes and trees you can hide yourself behind.

Now do what you've got to do as planned, and quickly as possible while keeping an eye out and get the hell out of there. If your stealing a car then just act like it's your car, maybe a good idea to have some decoy keys with you. And for fuck sake let it roll back a fair distance from the house before starting it up and driving away.

Getting away from cops
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Now if you got the cops called on you or you got spotted then you are a retard and missed the point of being undetectable when doing the op. You now fucking run as far and fast as you can and do not stop running (never stick around after committing a crime anyway, you should all know that).

Remember the escape routes you planned?

Good! because your gonna need to use them to get away. Do your best to stay away from going through other people's gardens and hiding in them, it'll cause more attention and trouble than what we need. Stick to enclosed spaces and well covered areas with a lot of alleyways and hiding places.

If the police dogs are after you then you're most likely fucked, but there is always a way around everything, and that is what your bleach, ammonia and curry powder is for. You can either use it to create a smell and divert them away from you, or you can use it on them, but you must ONLY use it on them if they are hot on your tail.

Once the dogs are taken care of you can piss off home, but take the longest route back to your transportation or fuck the bike until the next day and get a taxi home (of course to a few streets away from your home if you're paranoid)

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If you are still running away from the cops but are in a woodland area then you can put those annoying poppers(the things you throw on the floor and they pop) to use and throw them away from you to make a noise(a substitute for "snapping twigs". Use a hand full of them though.

Now you can also use rocks to throw at fences far away to distract them away from you giving you a little bit of time to get away. If you wrap them in a few layers of tin foil it muffles the sound giving a substitute noise of footsteps, when you roll them along the floor. When throwing the rocks throw them low, never over head as they may see this and it'll give away your location.
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