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Blue Sky Girl by Manhatten (Synthwave Album Review)

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Hey Agora Road readers! Today we are going to go deep into"Blue Sky Girl by Manhatten" which was released on May 28th 2020. This a synthpop dreamwave album that highly empathizes the 80s, nostalgia and tells a compelling story of the Blue Sky Girl. The tone of the album takes you on a journey of a girl that is in every man's life. The Bluesky girl is voiced by Star Madman and the gurtairs on the track is by Jack Wood.

The girl next door. The one that got away. The great white buffalo.
Now I love albums that tells you a story and this one hits it out of the park! You will exprice love, lost, happiness, and nostalgia.

Here is Manhatten's description of the album.
Manhatten was born in and of the 1980s and, in his own words,"survived the decade the first time around and decided to go back for more". Combining old tech and sounds with new production ideas, he's helping to bring the 1980's back (minus the shoulder pads)... even if no-one wants him to.
The album is the story of the Blue Sky Girl – she represents that one person in everyone's life who seems to burn twice as bright, but for half as long. Listen as the story unfolds and draw your own conclusions as to who she is, what happened and how it will end.
Dripping in nostalgia but not looking backwards, tinged with a beautiful melancholy that'll have you dancing, and packing a few well placed punches to the Juno 106, the one thing for sure is that you'll remember it, like your own Blue Sky Girl, for the years to come...

A well said description now lets get started with the review!

Last Chance City
The first song of the album"Last Chance City" starts off to build up the tempo to deliver a smooth dreamlike melody. This si the part when you establish your relationship with the Blue SKy Girl, back when everything was a simpler time. You're nervous, you have clammy hands, you have no idea what to say. You are fill with boyhood butterflies in your gut.

Blue Sky Girl
This track has a good baseline and to move on to the story it you can really groove into the music, It is a calm beat. This music describes the honeymoon phase of the relationship , you are engulfed with love, perhaps blinded by it. You feel emensed with pleasure that you are indestructible and nothing can go wrong.
Slow Burn

First of all this track has an awesome guitar solo by Jack Wood and I am a very big fan of guitar solos."Slow Burn" describes the tipping point of the relationship. It is a pretty upbeat song like the first two however it surprises you at the end when the blue sky girl hits you with the line"Do you remember the fight?',. What? there was fight? what did I do wrong, it gives you with the emotions of confusion and insecurity. the story with proceed with the next track"Thunder"


The vibes of"Thunder" gives a credence that all is not quiet on the western front. It is a music of passion, love, and heartbreak. The cool thing about this song is that it features sounds of lightning and thunder through the track. I feel this symbolises the pain one feels when your relations ship are headed towards and downward spiral and you see no end in sight. But alas you Do not go gentle into that good night, you Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Running From It
The same vibe as"Thunder" you just need to be alone for this one. The there is still hope for your Blue Sky Girl, but you just need time apart. This is also a pretty sick song for a night time drive. It respects you as a listener and moves along the story into a fascinating tale. Also I think there are dolphin noises but im not sure, that was a nice touch.

Long Time Hanging

The next song on the list is"Long Time Hanging" and this is a pretty upbeat track. Perhaps everything is gonna work out. You reconcile your differences and it has been a bumpy ride. You are with your girl driving across the shoreline during a sunset. It feel likes you are with her just like the first time you met her. Everything will be just fine.

One Ending

Nah, *BUZZ* wrong! Its over! you find that no matter how hard you try, your relationship is over; however, you are okay with it. You will always have the memories but sometimes when 2 people love each other very much you just aren't compatible with each other. It is better to have the memories than to have never have loved at all. You are ready to move on from your childhood love. SHe will always be your Blue SKy Girl. It brings a tear to my eye.

A Kind Of Freedom

It has been several years since you last thought about her. You and her have grown to form new lives and have gotten married and have kids of your own. You visit your hometown where you first met her and you are flooded with nostalgia and all of the memories are coming back in. You are still remember the words that she told you,"I will always be your Blue SKy Girl"

View: https://future80s.bandcamp.com/album/blue-sky-girl
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