Bluesky: We need a Gab... of The Left!

Well, just because it's a maymay that doesn't mean it's not true.
It isn't true either, thought. Majority of the internet is filled with really edgy people. The supposedly most queer space on the internet, tumblr, is at a silent war with trans people soo they constantly ban/shadowban them, basically any online videogame ever is filled to the brim with people that hate leftist ideas, all ib's except leftypol is far-right, mastodon hare nearly hundreds of instances and there are all kinds of instances politically and forums are fairly distrubuted.
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btw the logging in requirement's been waived, so if you wanna see 40 year old exgoons stand on chairs and go "eek" over things now's your chance before the inevitable sitewide cataclysm pushes them back to twitter.

and most importantly, above all, in the honor of the memory of portal of evil and all good things the internet used to be, don't touch the poop
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Dec 18, 2023
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Its Twitter but Twitter Lite at the moment with X refugees who don't like Twitter and the current way its heading right now.
The overwhelming majority of them come from Twitters LW sphere but most of them still use Twitter.
Way too one sided for me but I don't use Twitter or any alternative of it anyway.
No alternative is needed you can also just be done with Twitter/social media