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burger king virtual fun centers (& early 00s kiddie tech in general?)

power gem

Dec 8, 2022
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anyone else remember those video game kiosks at burger king? apparently they were called "virtual fun centers". i spent a lot of time on these as a kid but unfortunately i can't recall much about the games. i remember that there was an opening animation with all the classic 00s cg stuff - pyramids, shiny spheres, etc. i also think there was an ms paint type program and a racing game. this twatter thread is the best source of information i can find on these online:


this design is the one i remember using, I think you can see the paint program in the left pic.

i'd love to revisit some of these games, but sadly there's almost no information available about them online. maybe other agora users can share their memories of these and other weird artifacts from the time when sticking kids in front of screens was seen as innocent and perhaps even a good thing. for example, these n64 kiosks were apparently used at mcdonalds although i've never seen them before.

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This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy
Feb 15, 2022
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I remember the McDonald's kiosks but the Burger King ones I never saw. Pretty neat if it had its own software. Surely a file of that is out there somewhere. Hell wouldn't be surprised if somewhere out there is some decrepit BK currently with one of those just rotting in the lobby, stranger things have happened...

Still can't believe this sort of thing was phased out of retail stores like Walmart and even Best Buy. Demo kiosks were the shit, was how I got to experience new consoles.
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