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C64C with it's new power supply sitting next to the VIC-20

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A few weeks back, my last viable C64 power supply tested at a point where I wasn't willing to try to use it anymore.

I had been wanting to get one of the Commodore4ever Atom power supplies, and decided that I might want to go ahead and move on that, since there weren't many left. Glad that I did because a couple of days after that, the rest had been sold.
Now I can have the C64 back up and running and play Galencia on the real hardware. Still trying to get all the scores with my name on there, but have a feeling that will take some time.

Anyway, the Atom was packaged extremely well! No chance in getting damaged there. Works perfectly, and glad I got it. Going to have to get a couple more of them in the future, but decided to just try the one to see how I like it. There will be repeat purchases...

Added in a few pics at the end of the monitor stand I have on the VIC-20. I would LOVE to find at least one more of these, and quite honestly, I'd love to get a dozen of them. Probably won't happen or will be way too far out of my price range, but I can hope at least.

If anyone that reads this knows where I might be able to hunt down some of those monitor stands, please drop me a message. Thanks!

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