CCRU: Short Review and discussion.


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Nov 11, 2022
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The CCRU or Cybernetic Culture Research Unit is a group dedicated to studying Lemurian time magic, the AOE, and more. This book, especially the intro will look like absolutely gibberish unless if you read some of their site Even after finishing it a lot of the writings still seem like nonsense.

If you're going into this expecting a completely serious book on accelerationism you aren't going to enjoy it. This book takes more of a style over substance approach, but the substance that is there is very interesting. A great example of this is hyperstition or an element of culture that makes itself real, which along with accelerationism tends to be what people remember from this book.

Of course there's more than just hyperstition or accelerationism buried in this book. The book has many different writing styles included inside, including short stories that leave many things to interpretation while being entertaining in their own right. My favorite was one that was like a cross between resident evil and cyberpunk, written in the second person it tied back to the CCRU's own mythology.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone interested in finding a philosophical work that explains itself through a very esoteric science fiction.

Anyway, for those who have read the book or a lot of the CCRU'S website.
1. What's your favorite story or article?
2. Do you agree with the accelerationism proposed?
3. Can anyone explain what this has to do with feminism or cyber feminism? At best I can only remember one or two stories hinting at it
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Mar 30, 2024
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i've always wanted to take a look at this literature, this might be the final push that gets me to dive in. i'll def lyk once i do!

from a surface level it has always reminded me a lot of "a vision" by the 19th/20th century irish poet w.b. yeats, in which he sort of sets up this entire graphic cosmology for art, space, and time using a ton of illustrations and which is semi-fictional and used by characters/by himself in his poetry. It's sort of meta-fiction based on seances and his wife's automatic writing practice. it's like a belief system that creates itself simply for the sake of being, not necessarily because it's logical or based on reality or meant to guide someone towards the truth. sorta like the significance is not in the message of the material, but in the material's existence. idk if that makes any sense at all lol. i just think it's funky that they seem so similar yet are situated in such different contexts.

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