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Cityman Productions low-in-stock items

Hey everyone!

It's been quite some time when I posted here due to the fact I have been super busy with the label. There's lots of cool digital and physical copies coming up and I decided to share the complete list of the low-in-stock merch available on our Bandcamp: https://citymanproductions.bandcamp.com/music

Feel free to check out our other stuff as well like the My Sister's Fugazi Shirt - DreamDistrict, Paradise Of Yesterday - Sentimental & Canyon Crows - Bad Juju (pre-order, ships on September 30th) vinyls.

There's also three different ltd. poster designs available in case you're looking for some cool vaporwave inspired posters.


SNES boxes

Xenon Masters - CINEMA NITES, 1 copy
Hackosef - rose quartz, 2 copies

Shared Systems 有限 - シェルコープ。, 2 copies
V ▲ P Y D - Anacreontic Rhapsody, 2 copies
fXxs - Phaser Phases Or: Marine Oil, 3 copies
Hackosef - ストリートから平和, 3 copies
mello - Miscellaneous Dreams, 5 copies

Shared Systems 有限 - INTERNET MUSIC, 2 copies
Brooklyn Metro - s/t, 3 copies

I want to thank thank everyone of you who has been supporting my label - especially Agora Road because it was one of the first places I found when I heard about vaporwave. Have a banger week and stay safe guys! :PikaWan:

-Tony, Cityman Productions

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