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cx330ロンリー・スター - The Lonely Star

Dec 3, 2018
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Hello, I am a vaporwave artist new to the scene. Don't do much socializing, but would love to become a part of the vaporwave community

I like to say I have a pretty unique craft, with 4 albums released so far and a 5th coming near the end of the year. I tend to make my own samples, and styles vary greatly between projects, so please do not be quick to judge. However, criticism and suggestions are welcome.

My first release: ICE DREAM (2017, Self-Released)

My second release: Spaced (2017, Elemental95)

My third release: Destiny (2018, Elemental95)

My fourth release: Center of the Simulation (2018, Nirvana Port)

I hope you enjoy my music, and I hope I can make some friends.

It's so cold in space...
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