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d i a r y
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yeah so, i guess that's obvious...
i think i will try to do a sort of diary and i will try to write, not every day, but sometimes when i remember and have the time
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4/6/2021 _______ 00:58
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so ye i know it's late and i should be sleeping but i prefer to talk with my friends or to go on omegle. but i did worse yesterday cause i didn't sleep at all and i tried to not sleep but i did and when i woke up today it was 5 pm wtf
03:34 pm
i m on discord doing my drama class. anyway, this morning, it was 5:45 am and my step father came in the kitchen bruh i was in the room beside and i was stressing out omg. I- I just layed under my desk waiting him to go out of the house


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