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Does anyone remember playing the Trapped in Hyperspace game on Toonami.com?


Internet Refugee
Mar 22, 2022
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I do. It's lost media now, but a beta version of the training level has been uncovered. It was a 3D FPS similar to Descent. You played as TOM, hacking into The Absolution's systems to clear it of a computer virus. Said virus was named Swayzak. He looked like a cross between Emperor Zurg and the Robot Devil from Futurama, and he spoke with a thick New Zealander accent (how does that make you evil?!) He would show up after each stage and taunt you, saying stuff like "You'll never defeat us!" Level 5 revealed that Swayzak had infected TOM as his final stand and made him become evil (TOM basically just echoed Swayzak's plans since he was tryna make him go along with his evil), and you had to save him by going into his body and fighting Swayzak in what I assumed to be his brain.

I had a crush on Swayzak SO much as a kid (I currently have a kink for sentient computer viruses, so yeah), and I would like to see if anyone remembers this game. My memory may be borderline eidetic, sure, but there are gaps in my memory. The game was up from September 2002 to July 2004. It was a major source of Y2K aesthetic.