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Edge of Tokyo by Tokyo Rat Album Review

Tokyo Rat is a young Canadian producer born in 1996, the year of the rat, which explains why he chose this very particular name to represent his art.
He really loves synthetizers and you can really hear this in his album.
Japan is a place that really inspires his music, and, even this is something you can feel in his music.
So, let's start this review.

Hero: this is the first track of the album, where there is a very motivational speech at the beginning. The whole song involves synthetizers, with a melody that I would define as "urban", it reminds you of a city. This track was really made to remind you that you are the hero of your own life, you should not wait for something to happen, you have to do it.

Howl: this song, apart from the beautiful melody made with synthetizers, ivolves nocturne animals sounds that make it all more interesting and relaxing to hear. It is innovative, and again it lets you imagine a landscape: a nocturnal scenery in the nature.

Natsukashi: another great track, a very repetiive melody, with a distorted part in the middle of it. Then there is crescendo moment, and it does a short glissando.
A great track.

Summer: synths, synths and more synths!! This is the perfect track to listen to while you're driving during a summer night: the heat, the good memories and the great synths to remember everything better.

Edge of Tokyo: the lead track of the album. A WHOLE JAPANESE VIBE, with very very particular synths that remind you of when you are in a part of the city that you have never visited, everything is a bit suspicious, there are cars, people moving, and you walk and stare, completely amazed.

Escape (Shinjuku): it starts with a very energetic beat, almost EDM, and it seems to be very much influenced by dubstep and other subgenres. I have got to admit that it was very refreshing, and now I'm ready :)

Diskette: a very nostalgic melody, but with a good rhythm, it really reminds you of an 80s song, a cinematic one. The end seems like an intentional bug.

Archive: last but not least, Archive, a great outro, stil nostalgic, and with great synths, no jokes, probably one of my favorite songs on this album, it is great, the melody is perfect, and the end too. 10 on 10.

As you can see, this is a great album, especially for people who are crazy for synthetizers, Japan, and nostalgia.
Tokyo Rat is a great artist, with much talent, I cannot wait to see what he will do next!

View: https://tokyorat.bandcamp.com/album/edge-of-tokyo


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Great album review. I gave it a listen, pretty good stuff; especially the title track.

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