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Elden Ring Paradise


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Oct 12, 2021
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I've played the Souls 1-3, the Bloodborne, and I'll even play that remaster/remake of Demons' Souls (once the IDEA of someone being able to own a PS5 is about as ubiquitious as it is of that of the PS4/360).

Feeling like "this is a culmination of all the best thingzzz!1!!" mentality while also realizing that this is just the trend the market is headed: Open world, co-op, and gotta have some thrown in crafting mechanics for those with that itch.

Where is this argument going, what is the build up? Have I not layed out the average formula of thought for those who are in the market to buy a vida jame? Where do we go from here?

I feel like once I'm more accustomed to looking at 60fps and get over that initial wow for the next gen, what next? Will I have to be contrived to follow the arch, story, or map in the way that the aurthors intended, or will there be one day the full freedom of expression I'm not sure I'll see by the time I die.

VR is the future. We'll all eventually be living in some strange, oxygen-deprived, dystopian Earth. where us denisens who can will seek the escapism of whatever medium. Sure, those chemicals they pump out from china or the sh!t grown from the Earth itself are fun, but ultimatly not what will be the easiest to obtain by this unknown date in the future.


For right now tho, anyone down to play some co-op? I think it's cross platform, so if there's 2+ ppl willing lets make some passwords

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