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Favorite Video Game(s)?


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Hello Everyone, :D nice to meet ya
The title is self-explanatory, talk about your favorite Video Game(s)! It can include franchises, spinoffs, whateverelse.

Please follow the rules:
-Please make sure all Video Game titles are SFW (Safe-For-Work aka appropriate)
-Please explain (at-least a sentence or so) about why you like the video game :)
-Any type of Video Games are allowed, from Console to Mobile to PC, etc.
-Have fun ;D

Optional: Include a picture or two

My Personal Favorites:
-Life is Strange
-Animal Crossing
-Simpsons: Hit & Run
-The Sims



a tie between Team Fortress 2, Rock Band 3, SK: Plague of Shadows, Deltarune Chapter 1, and Bowser's Big Bean Burrito
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My top 2 are Mega Man 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. Especially Metal Gear, that game made my summer a couple of years ago one of the best ever. I would play and replay that game late into the nights and early mornings and just enjoy all the small details and goofy characters. Anyway, really great game!
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in no particular order just what Ive clocked the most hours on:
-DiaboII(and LoD)
-AOE:AOK(all expansions)
-Skyrim (this game fried my Xbox many years ago)
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zen and back again
I play a lot of roguelikes. nethack, dwarf fortress. a little bit of dark souls.

picked up jupiter hell, which is a doom roguelike, been enjoyin that one quite a bit.
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Drew Will

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Favorites... that's tough so can i associate them to my age favorites?

Childhood: Pokemon Gold (nostalgia)

Adolescent: Gotcha Force (rare item)

Teen: Final Fantasy 7 ( 10 & 6 are really good too)

Recent: Undertale (wow that was fun)


  • Mass Effect 3 - The ending to a fantastic trilogy, Great combat and story that delivers for a power conclusion.
  • Red Dead Redemption - Old west, Great story, One of the best protagonist ever.
  • The Witcher 3 - Big world, Memorable Characters, Awesome hunting and monster fights.
  • Persona 3 - Live the alternative school life based in Japan with great dungeon crawling turn based RPG mechanics.
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My personal good favorites are:

-Mortal Kombat 2
-Super mario kart
-Mortal- kombat xl
-The sims 1, 2, 3, and 4
-Spore: Galactic Adventures
Some of these games are games I used to play when I was 7, but there are many other good games out there
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- Life is strange
- Night in the woods
- Sally face
- Animal crossing
- Danganronpa (does that count?? its a story telling game.)
- ....Not minecraft......
- Earthbound

Many more, but i cannot think of names atm.


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The classics of course. I have so many favorites, but for different reasons. Typically I get hooked based on aesthetics or story, sometimes gameplay.

I love Metroid Fusion (I named my first record after it :) ), Yoshi's Island, Mother 3, Undertale, Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time and the classic Sonic games (those first 3 sonic soundtracks made me a musician lol)
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As a kid, minecraft was my go to.
Looking back I'd say my favorites have been Dead Space 3, Modern Warfare 2 (perhaps best single-player campaign imo) and black ops 1 for it's zombie mode. ;D
I started when I was super young, I think I was like 7 back in the 90s.

- Total Recall (Nes)
- Pokemon Red & Gold (N64)
- Ocarina of Time (N64)
- Smash Bros (N64)
- Megaman X4 (PSx)

Still got my collection nice and clean.


1. Minecraft
Theres so much to the game that most don't explore and I'd be here all day explaining it. If you want to understand watch scicraft.
2.Mortal Kombat
All of the are good in my book and it's my go to fighting game. Really because of the characters and the way netherrealm makes the controls.
It's in my avatar so i must like it. I've liked it since I was a kid and the designs, music, and strategy are my favorite. Aswell as shiny hunting
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I LOVE minecraft. I recently made a future funk version os the main theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deMZfk137wU

Also, I love Doom and God Hand
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1. Sonic 3 and Knuckles is by far my favorite video game of all time. Sonic is still my favorite gaming franchise to this day and I think S3K has all the perfect classic Sonic elements. I love Sonic's sprites, the music is phenomenal, and the levels have different paths you can take depending on who you play as.

2. Legend of Legaia is a very underrated PS1 turned based RPG. I love the story, music, and even the battle system. In this game you input commands and if you input certain ones your characters perform attacks called "Arts" that do more damage than a punch or kick. It got overshadowed by FF8 and I see more people talking about Legend of Dragoon but I don't think those games are as great. (Well at least LoD, never played FF8. I own it just haven't played it yet. :V)

3. Pokemon Ruby is my favorite Pokemon game. I never had the chance to own Emerald, so I can't really add that to my list. It would have been my favorite if I had it... Anyways this Generation gave us abilities, new Pokemon and my favorite feature that I wish came back secret bases! I had about 4 different friends mix records with me so I had four different secret bases in my save file as a kid. This was also the first time I actually caught all the Pokemon, and my cousin had a Action Replay so I was able to get ones illegally. :V However I didn't cheat to complex my dex, I traded with friends. I did encounter a glitch where my Feebas didn't evolve so my cousin had to give me his Milotic. :S


1. pokemon
2. kirby crystal shards (N64)
3. runescape
also tetris
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