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Feelings of What is Really There, And What Was, Without Myself Interfering

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Dec 17, 2021
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Anyone ever feel the breeze of the actual feeling and vibrations of the outside world creep back in, like how you could feel the vibe of your hometown as a kid I remember being able to feel the 1950s in my grandparents town when I would visit as a kid, but as adults we have like layers and layers of ego on that blocks these feelings getting in as we get older I think.

But sometimes!!! the smells and sounds of some place that shoudln;t exist anymore, the feelings of the vibe of a small town or a tucked away borough slip through and I can feel innocent again: a child at play within colored school halls.

It's like my ego has been lifted off of me like a heavy veil of camouflage, and the vibes of the true nature of where and what I am at the [present] moment are released back into my own sensual orifii.

Ya feel me!?

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Nov 8, 2021
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The walls we build around ourselves are the result of fear, the fear of change, the fear of danger, of emotional pain, of being not what you thought you were. But those walls come down if you can let yourself relax into that uncertainty. Being alone with yourself and the world is frightening, but that rawness is what reveals the beauty you were drowning out with all the bullshit you hold onto so dearly.

OP, you're on the right track. Seek those sensations, and learn where they come from. What have you been ignoring, and why? Which version of yourself is the true one? You'll find that it's all a part of the story you tell yourself, there was never anything that separated the two.

Sorry, just stream of consciousness. Maybe you'll read something in there that resonates :Lain:
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