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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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May 25, 2018
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Hey y'all, I just read a retrospective of Ruqqus and it got me thinking that it's time to define some forum rules. I usually send the rules in a private message but I decided to expand on it.

I want Agora Road to be a place where everyone can enjoy and to not be embarrassed by being associated with it. The reason why a lot of alt tech fails is because the lack of any real moderation and it gets infiltrated by Nazis and glowies.

The forum will still be lax on moderation, just follow the rules below.

Here are the Forum Rules
1. The is a Safe For Work Forum, so no nudity or gore
2. No doxing or raiding is allowed
3. Post nothing that is Illegal under United States Law
4. No racist shit on here. This is not /pol/

- Try to be civil with your fellow travelers, we are all connected through the Agora Road. But I wont stop you from having heated discussions. However, Chill Chat Cafe is argument free.
- If you have a problem with another Traveler, you can "Block" them on their profile so you wont have to see their posts.
- You can have fun and do a little trolling, but if thats all you do and are an asshat then you gotta go. (I made that mistake before and the user stabbed the community in the back by bringing in Tusken raiders here trying to destroy the site)
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Cold ass honkey
Jun 3, 2021
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- You can have fun and do a little trolling, but if thats all you do and are an asshat then you gotta go.
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AKA Hedgehog dilemma
Dec 24, 2022
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Hello people!
I am Some_porcupine. I write blog and hope some doctor or who will read it (I am kinda poor or dont want to use money. If the some dude sees it, then he can help me for free maybe (jk, like, thats gonna ever happen /s. - no, the thing is - i am shy and afraid of opinions of others. I have none of my own). - a man can(t) dream...
You can ask about the blog, or i will post it here in some links if i'll find those, where i can hung up this blog ("barf") of mine ;))).

LIKES: Music, writing (poems, tunes, blog - nothing serious really), reading, invol. running (cant kick myself to do it on purpose, so i like to run *randomly* ;) )

DISLIKES: "phonies" (i am the biggest, what a misery; lets guess, thats SO common isnt it!!?), hate and hate w/o reason, when someone is same as me (guess i never grew up from my iam14andthisisdeep phase), when someone is ... idk what to write now ...
- lets summarize it - i hate it when someone acts like me, because i think i am weirdo who, in social situations, need to pull all attention to himself because he feels invisible - while he likes it, he feel the need to belong (not so deep - isnt everyone here, on this planet, like that (at times, some of you/us)?
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