Games you've beaten in 2023.


Sep 12, 2023
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Finished this one a few days ago. Criminally short but for the price it's a decent one off experience and portrays what it wants to well. Not sure about the DDLC comparison because I didn't really see it as a horror game, not in the traditional sense anyways. Have to give the game props for featuring one of the more realistic mental breakdowns of an internet celeb I've ever seen in a game, down to the drug induced paranoia and becoming nearly illegible or the savior ending. Very similar to events that I've seen actually happen online.
i think it was more of a misconception on my end. when i bought the game, i didnt know anything about it so i expected it to go the horror route like ddlc. AFTER playing, i shouldnt really compare it to ddlc since they arent similar at all aside from both having an anime overlay. ヽ(´ー`)┌

featuring one of the more realistic mental breakdowns of an internet celeb I've ever seen in a game
i can def agree with this one displayed mental problems better than i could have possibly imagined it would


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Jul 14, 2023
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so far, I've beaten
  • Yakuza 0: I bought it on steam 4 years ago and never really got through the first chapter. I finally decided to play it and it was great, but I'm not sure if I can handle playing 7 yakuza games after this.
  • Bayonetta: I've always seen people praising bayonetta and I bought it on a sale to see if it lived up to the hype. It was a good experience, but not as good as I was expecting. The combat is fun, but the enemy variety is kinda low and most of the bosses are forgettable imo. I found the story quite dull as well, but the characters are cool.
  • Killer is dead: this was my first SUDA51 game and it kinda disappointed me, but I know most fans of his work don't really like this game. It's not bad though, I really like the style and despite the gameplay being a bit clunky, it's really fun.
    • needy streamer overlord
      picked it up cause it gave ddlc energy and played about half the endings of the game. felt unreasonably short compared to ddlc but maybe it's unfair to compare them??
    I also played needy streamer overlord this year and I really liked it overall. But just adding something here, the true ending is only unlockable if you play all the endings, so it's not that short. I think it took me around 16 hours or a bit more to get the true ending
Dec 13, 2022
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is the remake any good? I've never played the original and I wanted to get more into immersive sims
yes i dont reccomend it for everyone but if ur going into immersive sims def play it i think it improves on the original and from what i hear there is a final section in the original that people hate thats fixed in the remake and i hear the original also had a hacking minigame that was atrocious but now better in the remake
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Mar 27, 2022
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This might be the only one for 2023, to be completely honest.
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Oct 17, 2023
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I just can't understand why Signalis has 10 out of 10. I've dropped it the moment I've realised the dumb cheap joke I've made when I was starting this game - "ha-ha, they just throw a guy with a sex doll out of solar system and say godspeed" - is not a joke but an actual-factual plot. It kinda always hits me when the dumb stuff which would make a cheap non-funny joke I've made up in my head turns out to be real dead serious deal.
I can't quite take robots as actual persons, so the main character in my eyes is just a glorified sex doll... That didn't help.
I also didn't realise A. Young was a female for a while, and when I've figured it out, that didn't help either.
Overall, I can understand why people like it - the gameplay is solid and the visuals are great, but with a plot like that it is definitely not a 10 out of 10 game. And, darn, The King In Yellow? Why everything needs to be in-your-face "lovecraftian" today? And yea, I know that The King In Yellow is not Lovecraft, but it definitely is a part of the whole "lovecraftian" schtick.

Anyway, well, the games I've actually completed in 2023... I'm quite a sucker for various lists, so this will be an extensive post.

Pine - How to put it... It is, well, middle grounds. A small indie title, won't take more than a week of evenings to complete all of it at a slow, relaxed pace and explore every part of it. I've seen people compare it to Zelda, but I've never played Zelda, so I can't say anything about it from this point of view. It is easy to criticize Pine, but it is equally easy to concentrate on the good parts and enjoy it. I'd say if you launch and dislike it, you turn it off, delete and forget. If you launch and like it, then click your fantasy on and let it fill all the empty spots. My fantasy does work like that, so I've enjoyed the game and quite so. It was the first game in a long time which I've had the whole free week for, so I've just woke up, went to PC, and pretty much spent my whole day in it, and that was awesome. I've finished it in 4 or 5 days, and yet it was quite incredible. I've, like, felt a touch of my younger self, when I could just immerse myself into the virtual world without a care in the world. Kickstarter code for this game is THANKS4BACKING - yep, just like that. Alternatively, edit settings.xml in Your_User_Folder\AppData\LocalLow\Twirlbound\Pine and change activatedCodes parameter to 1. Savegames are plain text and easy to edit.

Serious Sam 2 - The latest patch truly revitalized the game. It is still the worst Serious Sam entry in my opinion, but now it is actually fun to play it and I didn't drop it this time. Also, I think this game has the best dragon boss fight there is.

Age Of Mythology - To be frank I've only completed the very last chinese mission. Everything else has been completed back in 2020 or something, but I couldn't make myself finish the awful chinese DLC. By now I do not remember anything from the plot, so I guess there was nothing spectacular about it, but this game has the style. And Ancient Egypt. And boy, do I love Ancient Egypt. I've actually spent two weeks building my own Ancient Egyptian map in this game before calling it complete.

Need For Speed High Stakes (PSX) - Last time I've touched this game was back in 2000's on the actual PSX hardware. It was nice to launch it on emulator with all regional cars enabled and complete it from start to finish for the first time in my life. Throw in some 90's music and this game is a banger.

Need For Speed Underground Rivals - I didn't expect much from a PSP title, but in the end of the day I've loved it. It ddefinitely captures the spirit of original Underground games spot on. That moved many warm nostalgic feelings. And this game has muscle cars, with my current myself likes a lot, so that is like Underground with a bonus. Kind of weird, it's like I've felt a nostalgia for a game I've never played before. But it is a good kind of weird.

Need For Speed Carbon Own The City - This one is not as good as Underground Rivals, but I still loved it quite a lot. This game has some charm, albeit I gotta admit that it would've been much less enjoyable if I didn't have the modding skills required to do stuff like replacing crew cars with Firebirds, because by default there's not a single crew member with a Firebird in a whole darn game. After modding it a bit though, I found this title to be quite endearing. And yea, that's a hell of a plotline for an NFS game.
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Crash'n'Burn - An awesome racing game from 2004 which I've laid aside for quite a while. And now when I've got to it, I've ended up loving it. If you like arcadey racing games, you really shouldn't walk by this game like I've did. It plays like a proto-Flatout, and unlike Flatout, it has Midnight Club 3 level of customization (if only for 4 cars, which make up it's entire selection of machines). The core gameplay is just captivating: I can't say that everything was done right, but at the same time what was done works perfectly. And check out these rides!

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter - Now this is an interesting case. It plays like a mediocre shooter, but I can't shake off the feeling that among the devs there were people who actually wanted to make an awesome game. There's quite a captivating universe and lore, and there are a lot of amazing designs. The plot is kind of a usual thing, but has several bright sides as well... And, overall, the whole situation kind of reeks of "effective management" that wanted to maximize profits and build a franchise, therefore cutting out ideas and whatever else. For example, there was a comic book that was printed so early before the release some of the main characters are still human in it, while they've became aliens in the final release. Comic book and a lot of other stuff is available online nowadays, so... yea, it feels like an interesting game that was beat down during the development.

Nikopol Secrets Of The Immortals - During this year I've got hooked onto Enki Bilal's works, and so I've got through all his movies, some comic books, and, well, this game. Surprisingly, this game which has been made by the fans of the original work, but which didn't see any involvement from Bilal himself, turned out to be my favorite interpretation of the Nikopol's story. Still, it is a game made by fans - and for fans of the original works, so if you haven't read the comic books, you won't understand half of the stuff that is going on the screen, and the game doesn't quite bother with explaining anything. Probably its biggest minus. Overall, it is a good point'n'click quest in a pretty much unique setting, which will take you an evening or two if you are playing with a walkthrough and hell knows how long if you are playing without it. I've played it for the story, so I've got through it with a walkthrough.

Princess Remedy In A Heap Of Trouble - About a year after completing the first part, I've finally got to the second one. It is a nice little bullet hell that pretends that it was written for Spectrum ZX, and quite successfully so. Frankly, my biggest gripe against this game (and the first one) is that it is so very short. If you want to try it (or the first), be sure to check the web for Jealous Chest, if you do want to get 100% completion on your first try.

Rikki & Vikki - Another retro game. Unlike previous one, this one was actually written for Amiga and works on PC via the emulator. I've completed it with a friend during one evening, and it was very nice. Kudos to the devs for introducing the built-in infinite lives mode for us, filthy casuals. Also, it is the only game I know which gives you a bad ending if you are playing solo, therefore couch co-op is a must... and, frankly, I love this move. Enforce the friendship.

Cthulhu Saves The World - Yet another title I've laid aside for years and which turned out to be incredibly good. So good that this game is one of the few ones that I've completed two times in different modes. Kind of wish it was a bit longer. Still, it is a very cool little JRPG.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas - Just as the previous title, but better. Yet even smaller. Once again, I've completed it twice: this game is pretty much the only one in which I've enjoyed an NG+. Though here it is not an NG+ at all, but a continuation of a main story. I usually walk away from NG+, but something caught my eye and I've, luckily, didn't miss it. So, yea, don't walk away from NG+ in this one. And it is so short you'll likely still be able to complete it before Christmas.

Echo Night series - After completing Echo Night Beyond in 2022, I've completed the first game, the second game and even The First Voyage during this year. These games are awesome. And it kinda shocks me that they come from the same studio that turned to make Dark Souls. I never even barely liked Dark Souls, so it is kind of hard for me to believe that one studio could take such a dramatic turn in their games. Also, a special moment for me happened in Echo Night Beyond: the game has a screen at one point that displays the current in-game date, and somehow I've played the game at the same day and month IRL. Frankly, I still do not quite believe the game didn't pull the date off my system, but since all the videos I've saw online feature the same date... brr, talk about creepy coincidences.

Aliens Versus Predator 2 - I've only completed marine campaign (and an Iron Bear campaign in the DLC), but that's all I've wanted: to pump some xenos full of lead, and AvP2 works fine for that. For me it's just a shooter set in one of the universes I like, and it works swell for that part. Can't tell anything about the rest of it.

Aliens Versus Predator Extinction - This thing is much more interesting than the previous title, since it is a strategy that was released only on PS2. Frankly, I've expected it to be an unplayable abomination, but it turned out to be playable and quite well. The biggest problem is the AI of your units: if you have a big squad, there are bound to be several idiots which will pick their own route, so while 15 of your soldiers move nicely according to your plan, the last two decided to take a shortcut to the afterlife. Other than that, it is quite enjoyable. The biggest flaw in my eyes is the fact that it is darn long. Either because all strategies are rather long by design, or because I suck at strategies. The second variant is quite possible. It took me a lot of time, even though I've only completed the marine campaign, again. Still, I've liked it a lot. Fucking aliens can lost their legs and still crawl towards you with murderous intent. Androids can lose their heads and still be operational. It's badass. And the new designs and lore bits from all sides are quite awesome IMO.

Sub Rebellion - This one feels like Ace Combat games if you've had airships instead of jets. It is kind of slow, but I was in the mood for slow games, so I've liked that one. My favorite bit was how developers presented a lot pseudo-scientific artifacts - like Dendera Light, Baghdad Battery and Quimbaya Planes - as actual working artifacts from ancient times. Nice little detail that can easily fly under the radar.

Rock'n'Roll Racing - Finally managed to walk through this one with one of the two starting cars. Man, I hate NHO, the ice planet. And whichever genius in Blizzard decided to compile a 1994 game for Windows 10 only.

Thimbleweed Park - Everyone knows this one, I think. It is kind of (rightfully) famous love letter to the 90's in the form of point'n'click quest. I've finally got through it this year.

Ion Fury - mighty fine Build Engine shooter. You've probably heard about this one.

Syder Arcade - Very nice and solid bullet hell. It's biggest problem (or the biggest plus?) is the fact that it is so short it could be an arcade game.

Driver 76 - Finally collected two last stars (took a bit of tries to get the unique items, but, luckily, nowadays we have savestates for that), so I can finally call it complete. I've started it at least ten years ago on an actual PSP, and it was good for what it is.

DragonFire (ColecoVision) - One of the few 80's games for home systems which I've enjoyed... though probably because it simply did not have an arcade version.

Here's also a bunch of other games I've completed this year, which I do not think I should write anything about. This post is quite a wall as it is.
Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, Magician Lord (Neo-Geo), E.V.O. Search For Eden, Death Rally (2012), Fast And Furious 3D Pink Slip (Java), Firegirl Hack'n'Splash Rescue DX, Galaga Legions, Galaga Legion DX, Galaga '88, Pryzm The Dark Unicorn, Tail Concerto, Serial Cleaner, Sky Force Reloaded, Sky Force Reloaded (Symbian), Robocop Versus The Terminator (Mega Drive)

There are probably more arcade games which I've played through for the first time during this year, yet do not quite remember about. Those small arcade games that are completeable in one evening are hard to pinpoint on the timeline, especially since I do play them again from time to time. Can you really complete an arcade game, after all? Cruis'n USA, for example - I've completed it a long time ago, but during this year I've finally fount some time to dive into the code and find a way to assign an AI color to a players vehicle with the MAME, so it is kind of a new... kind... of complete... or something.
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Jun 11, 2023
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1. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
2. Spyro: Year of the Dragon
3. Katamari Damacy
4. Ratchet and Clank
5. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
6. NieR: Automata
7. Batman: Arkham Asylum
8. Batman: Arkham City
9. The Walking Dead Season 1
10. Hollow Knight


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Nov 27, 2023
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After finishing Arkham Knight in January, I never finished practically any of the games I started all year. I've sunk hundreds and hundreds of hours into games this year but dropped them before polishing them off, such as:

  • Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure - got fed up of the story and pacing, big shame since I loved Trails From Zero and the char roster.
  • Rance 3 - loved it and played right up to the end but then didn't follow through on the final boss fight. (EDIT: this reminded me I actually blitzed my way through Rance 2 this year, albeit with a walkthrough the whole way)
  • Book of Hours - pretty similar to Rance 3 in that I ditched at the end of my first run. I'd struggle to understand how the hell to play the game should I ever pick it up from the same spot.
  • Twilight Princess - never been much of a nintendo guy but felt the impulse to emulate a couple of games. Ran out of momentum in the middle of this one, just after the desert temple I think.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 1 (original) - it's been a few weeks since I played this so safe to say I've lost a lot of momentum on it, though I'm enjoying it a lot. Has to easily have been one of the most impressive games on the Wii.
  • Astlibra - cute little game but it started to feel like the same thing over and over. Possible I'll return to it because the combat was totally mindless. I was intrigued by where the story might go.
  • Pathologic 2 - not the first time nor the first year I've tried and failed to make it all the way through this. Love the game and the atmosphere but it's really not a game you want to be playing when things in your life are stressful in general. Whenever I think I have a clear few weeks of mental clarity where I can cope with P2's sadistic design, something comes up IRL and I stop wanting to subject myself to further stress during vidja time. 'I'll play on when I'm in a better frame of mind' is how this one keeps getting sent back to the shelf. Another shame because I was actually starting to get somewhere and save some kids.

Between all of those I must have something like 500+ hours racked up with not a credit sequence in sight. Last month though I beat Ys 2, and just yesterday I forced myself to finish Yakuza 5 - that was a game I started in 2021. Absolutely exhausting game, but now I've nearly done the entire franchise.
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