GarageGames, developers of the Torque Game Engine and it's modern variant; Torque 3D has gone defunct.

As the title says, the developers of TGE and Torque 3D of which the former is the engine that Blockland runs on has officially gone defunct.


So there goes my chances of wanting to mess with the game engine despite having zero knowledge in game development RIP.
While I'm at it, I'll link my Blockland thread here:

Information on GarageGames themselves:

Other known games that were developed using the Torque engine aside from Blockland.

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Nov 3, 2021
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Ahh, i remember the time where i downloaded demos of games from the garage games website. Mainly Marble Blast Gold, Orbz, Think Tanks, etc. (I still own a digital copy of Marble Blast Ultra on the 360.) There's even a Penny Arcade Multiplayer game that hasn't been archived yet (correct me if I'm wrong.), and the fond memories of playing InstantAction many years ago. God, I'll miss it. Thank fuck the website is archived near-fully.

In fact, I'm willing to share something that may contribute to the passing of Garage Games' website, it's own community is still developing the damn engine: I'm serious. The torque community never dies.

If you want nostalgia, most if not all of their games is now free to enjoy. I highly recommend you try out Orbz, it's super fun. Here's a video of it showing the damn game. You can download it from the description right now if you're interested.
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