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I don't remember where I found this. Was it here? It's cool, anyways

This is a custom build of an N64 emulator,1964, that supports mouse/keyboard (ie: first-person shooter) controls for both Perfect Dark and Goldeneye. It really changes the experience of playing them. There are a bunch of other tweaks to make it look and play better, as well. I definitely recommend checking them out if you're nostalgic for these games at all.


Aaaand it seems like it somehow became more difficult to find N64 ROMs online? At least, none of the places that I normally trust have N64 ROMs hosted anymore. There are plenty online, though -- you'll just have to do a simple Google search

I didn't watch this video in its entirety but it looks like this guy plays a little bit of Perfect Dark while using and talking about the emulator:

View: https://youtu.be/jAzkTZxsv_Y?t=62
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Not that recently, technically speaking, more like a few months ago, but I found this weird site a while ago that sent me down one of the deepest internet rabbit holes I've been in for quite a while. It looks mostly like a collection of a bunch of weird games at first, but trust me, there's more to the site than even the bizzare exterior shows. https://lab.serotoninphobia.info/
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