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History of The Internet's Anarchist Cookbook

:Cokebaka: This Ezine was written by By: Zero 11-18-2001 :Cokebaka:

The Jolly Roger, Exodus, RFlagg, we've heard them all.. The Anarchist Cookbook is by far one of the most interesting books available on the internet today. It is also one of the most lied about books on the internet today.

I am going to try and Cypher out what the Anarchist Cookbook is, and what has happened to it since its release on the Internet.

Keep in mind that this is a text document dealing with the Internet version of the Anarchist Cookbook, not the actual thing.

The Actual Anarchist Cookbook was written by William Powell Somewhere around 1971. It has almost nothing to do with the Internet version. Except for a few recipes and the name.. But I don't exactly care about that... I haven't even read the Actual Cookbook. For those of you that hate the Anarchist Cookbook because of it's waste of time...Then good for you...That Book is truly a waste of typing space. For those of you that think The Anarchist Cookbook is something good...Please shut the hell up....You have no idea what your talking about. I was around when the Internet Version came out...Besides, you won't have any fingers left if you use that dumb ass book. Read something like "the poor man's james bond", or "smart bombs".

This File is just for the History of the Anarchist Cookbook. And to clear up a few things that people say about it.

Known Cookbooks
  1. BHU's Cookbook (aka: Pyrotechnics Cookbook)
  2. The Anarchist Cookbook 1.0 The Anarchist Cookbook 2.0
  3. The Anarchist Cookbook III The Anarchist Cookbook 4.14
  4. The Anarchist Cookbook V
  5. The Anarchist Cookbook 666
  6. The Anarchist Cookbook 2000
BHU's Cookbook is the First Version of The Anarchist Cookbook to ever come out on the Internet. It was a pretty big blow to the BBS community...And A very interesting thing to some.....THIS IS WHERE THE WHOLE PROBLEM STARTED... It couldn't have been more than two months later, I saw The Anarchist Cookbook 1.0. I decided to look at it, and it is the EXACT same thing as the BHU's Cookbook, except it has "The Anarchist Cookbook" Labeled to it.

About 4 Months Later, I see the Anarchist Cookbook 2.0 on the BBS. Interesting..."The Jolly Roger" now took credit for it, and added a bunch of files to it. Now about a year later, I see The Anarchist Cookbook III come out, still "The Jolly Roger" Takes Credit. and there is an amazing amount of new files added to it. It is now HUGE. A While Later I See Version 4.14 come out. Very Interested in the new version, I look.. I't is amazing, very very large. But this Time, this guy named Exodus is taking credit for the whole thing.

A while later The Anarchist Cookbook V comes out...This is where the book get's pissingly anoying. This is the EXACT same book as Version 4.14, except it is organized into 10 or 11 different categories. Then Comes The Anarchist Cookbook 666. The Same Exact Thing except it is in .txt format (what your reading right now). Then Comes The Anarchist Cookbook 2000...This IS THE EXACT SAME THING AS BEFORE! except it is in version 4.14 format, and it comes in .doc format (Window's Microsoft Word). I now hear that version 2002 is coming out...I'm not looking forward to it.

What Probably Happened

I Believe a kid wrote BHU's Cookbook. It contains what a normal mischief making teenager would write for some harmless Fun. He posted it on BBS, and boom, everybody loves it. Then someone had the Anarchist Cookbook (THE ACTUAL BOOK), and said hey let's rename it, and put it up on BBS again. Fair Enough. Then Some 19 year old Got a hold of it, added onto it, Took credit for the hole thing, and put it on the internet/bbs. He got some heavy Internet/BBS fame from it to.

Then He decides to blow it up. He spends the rest of his time adding onto it, to make it appalling. He posts it on the Internet/BBS. And then decides to just quit. Then Some Skwormy little shit gets a hold of it, and Add's A nice pile of files to it, and then takes Credit For the ENTIRE thing. After that, people are really starting to catch on. This asshole RFlagg takes it and Organizes it, and says it's all new....AND HE TAKES CREDIT FOR IT! Then Some kid probably, takes it at his only chance at getting the name he wants, and puts it in txt format. And Calls it version 666.

Now the Businesses are moving in.. They Take it, Make it look neat, and Call version 4.14, The Anarchist Cookbook 2000.

That is the closest you will ever get to finding out the history of that book.

There has been rumor that the FBI and the CIA or the GOVERNMENT sabotaged the Anarchist Cookbook. This Rumor is Not True. This Is a rumor about the Actual book that you can not find on the Internet. The Actual Book Was not Sabotaged Either! I have a Reliable source that tells me The Anarchist Cookbook Written By William Powell has remained the same ever since the Release back in the 70's...He has a new copy, and the first copy. And They Both match perfectly.

There has been rumor that the ultimate anarchist cookbook can not be found anywhere because the government banned it. This is True and False. No you can not find the ultimate anarchist cookbook anywhere. BECAUSE IT NEVER EXISTED. Therefor, the government never could have banned it.

That is the extent of this History file. If you have questions about the subject, then E-mail zerotextspy@yahoo.com


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I seem to recall an interview by William Powell in which he said all of his research for The Anarchist Cookbook came from perusing the stacks at the NY (City) Pubic Library. Having spent a lot of time in various public libraries during the 1980s in New York state, I wouldn't doubt that. It was amazing the gems one would find back then if one would just bother to look. Same applies today, by the way.

At any rate, having been in the H/P BBS scene back in the 1980s, most of the "anarchy" textfiles were either total fabrications or material copied from books published by Paladin Press, Desert Publications, et al.

And yes, a lot of it was copied just to see one's handle get spread around.

-Ticom (Tom)

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