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How many stable Agorans actually exist? One or two? Are you stable?


Nov 20, 2021
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For real dude, i'm starting to suspect you might actually be autistic lmao, nothing to be ashamed of, many people are in this world, why instead of spread hate and spite on the r/agora website, we spread kindness and love into the world, let me give you a kiss in the cheek, i love you so much solid state survivor. :agsmile:

Take your meds :binTot:
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- i was played on.
-- world of broken promises pre-2001~2008...
--- "you need to be unique to stand out", so, next step in my mind was > "no way to be normie" >> i never knew what *they* (who?) meant
- does computers screw us all in some way? or was is that we made ourselves... we build them... then, we dont know ourselves > you dont know things until it is too late? or > was it "The Plan"? use people as puppets > "NPC Naysayers"? - to make all sorts of crazy laws? power-trip?
I dont want to - but, do i HAVE TO be bad, in any sense?
-- Last time i had any confidence was in 2010-2015... but it was nothing much, it was just fuzzy feeling. there were bad things, yet, i felt fine...
so, do i hate myself now? because - why? am i afraid to lose that? then, what happened!? is it some kind of trauma - or simply, disability to adapt? maybe thats why --- i miss 2008-2013 - times when i could be naiive. myself. no pretend, even if i wanted to... is it only now that i am afraid? or am i going insane and want to blame others for "making problems to sell cure"?
- maybe i never was teenager, so with strict and boomers-like parents, it is like i have to make my dreams now - if i only wanted to - if i wasnt so emberassed...
-- "teen-ages in stasis"? > peter pan syndrome? --- i dont want to live in my head - but what to do -
stupid kidney and urostomy
- what i even want?? - am i afraid of success, of being "too strong", "bad" to others? there are like milion things...
::: AM I NORMAL?: could be, maybe i am just afraid to be
@L. Rhodes I am afraid I can't make myself any more clear
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While the Internet is no longer "niche," there is still the niche Internet (isn't that why we're all here?) :agpepsi:

Normies congregating on mainstream sites was inevitable, but in a way it's a great filter for keeping them out of other spaces.
The only reason I give a shit about what's happening on the mainstream sites is when their retarded calls for sweeping internet censorship/"reform" gain traction. Because these are the types, that despite their claims of tolerance, have no intention of leaving others alone. The ones that can't simply shrug off what they don't understand seek to forcibly eliminate this discomfort from ever occurring because it is more convenient to preserving their perspective.
When they make all those What about children..., To put it blandly - no. If you EVER behave the way you don't want others to behave, that is fucking joke, power-trip and blasphemy. There is no justice in that, if you became what you fight against. Many such cases.
Hard reactionary lefties behaving like Nazis and fashists. Peak NPC tribalism. (Idk now if fashizm was LW originály or it is just internet joke. Idk. Leave it he, or direct me then please, to osmé thread where we can discuss that)
Problem being, it seems, - thief screaming "get the (another) thief!"
If you are that type of person, then there is no point you can "buy" me. Fuck the nice words. If your character is that of internet sponge, broken record and no "hand-head coordination" (acts Vs mouth), then, it is over. People like you make world hell. "Yes you no"...
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I am so stable that sometimes, my brain becomes wood and can be sponge, but dense at the same time. Cork wood?
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I don't know if I'm stable. I may or may not be. Emotionally definitely more stable than when I even joined this forum, but otherwise, idk. Define stable.

I just don't consider myself insane anymore, even though who knows, I might just be. Insane people typically don't know they are. I can't prove nor disprove I'm sane or insane.
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Apr 6, 2023
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Any personal instability comes not from any sort of eccentricites, but from my relation to them. In public I can become very insecure, compulsively wearing a social mask, even though I know it will only attract the wrong kind of people and repell those who I am boring, that is the fake me. And this social ritual is killing me, I think this insecurity is what drives me to doomscroll, this tendency to treat what others say as the word of god. Worst thing is, it keeps me from helping people. I really want to express my sincerity, but I fear rejection, so I hide behind a thin veil of irony and bad attempts at jokes.
I use agora to post stuff without thinking about it, without vetting my thoughts for normalcy or accuracy. It's a testing ground of sorts for me, you get unfiltered schizoposts and then once I've written stuff out I can form more measured positions to express to people I know IRL.
This is one of the reasons I joined, to try and unleash myself. Not in an unapologetic "I am not an arsehole, this is just the way I am, deal with it!" type of way, but to train myself to be free to focus on what is actually going down and to be kind. I don't know how much damage I have caused with my self-defensive mindset, how many opportunities I have squandered.
Although the more worrying thing is, that most people around me don't seem all that stable either. I meet few whom I would consider as such, sad as it may be.

Excuse the ramble, but I believe many of you to be more stable than you think. It might be the thoughts about the prospect of instability that end up causing it!


who cares
May 25, 2021
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Depends what you mean by stable I guess. I would say my life is pretty stable, although I have recently made a decision which sacrifices short term stability for long term stability. Left my job teaching to go back to school and become a lawyer, lucky enough to attend a top law school in my country. The student life is inherently more chaotic than having a salaried job, and it's pretty scary racking up debt with no real income coming in during the school year. Other than that though, I have full time legal employment for the summer and live with my gf. The latter comes with some sweet perks because her family is pretty well off, I don't pay for dinners right now because we have a meal kit subscription which her parents pay for. I'd probably put this at 7/10 stable during the school year and 9/10 stable right now while I'm working.
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May 12, 2022
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Stable enough I suppose. You have to ignore a lot of synchronicity to maintain that though. Things come out of the woodwork after laying dormant for years. You untense that muscle and BAM they come straight for you. I need to maintain until I can get to the woods, then all bets are off and it doesn't matter anymore.
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What I hate is, how you change among people. Each person see different me, because I never got solid self. I want to, but will be not firf, that lot of skills and money and patience to obtain them those all.
0 points. Bye personality, I will die alone because I am afraid of others myself and of what can come from actions or inactions, thoughts and beliefs. None. That is why I do shit nothing...
Maybe I gave up. Don't know where to start or even why for.

Stable? Hyaaaa! I am anti-NPC, I don't believe shit ... It is the same. You just don't hip on bandwagon. But same misery. Same façade...
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Andy Kaufman

i know
Feb 19, 2022
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From my sample size of 1 other traveler I spent several hours with I would say the average one is pretty stable.
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Intergalactic Bounty Hunter
Feb 13, 2023
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Only thing that is stable with me is the progression of using new techniques, deploying solutions at work, going to a hobby. Other than that it is painful, constantly working my ass off. Sitting in the office from 7:00 AM to Midnight some nights when everyone's left, posting here because I can't even be bothered to go home.

I just put on some act when working but when everyone leaves, I just feel empty unless I'm hooked on some new hobby which usually get's a paycheck spent and dropped a month after.

Still though life is mostly enjoyable when you can at least nerd out with some randoms on the internet.
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̴̘̈́ ̵̲̾ ̸̯̎ ̴͓̀ ̸̳͝ ̸͈͑ ̴̡̋ ̸̞̂ ̴̰̚ ̵̨̔ ̸̭̎
Aug 11, 2022
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I am afraid that the only stable people here are the local national security agents.