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I figure internet centralization was the cause for all the cultural problems we see today.


Internet Refugee
Jan 27, 2024
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I've heard the same sentiment. Apparently pushing out the porn obsessed and literal pedophiles does wonders for userbase quality. I haven't actually used the site either so I can't confirm.
i did and i can. Tumblr banning porn pretty much destroyed any and all community on the site good and bad. yeah it took out all the weird fetishists and fandom people, but it also destroyed all of the gif makers, the people making manga edits and basically anyone who didn't just want to shitpost. it's definitely recovered in the years past, but the artist community that was the backbone of the site is no were near what it was. tumblr is the best social media site if you want to curate your own experience, you only see what you want and their is no algorithm, but most of the good content is hidden and you have to actively look for it.
They should enjoy it will it lasts, then. Tumblr's been slashing back to a skeleton staff and looking for ways to 'modernize' the social aspect of the platform. (Or at least they were, I could be out of date.)
I think the staff has given up on trying to modernize the site and are just gonna let it run its course. Since 2020 they tried to create a lot of new features, a lot of which were generally either hated or ignored, the tumblr staff really thought they could modernize the site and make it super popular and profitable but its reputation and pre existing user base did not allow that, so they just gave up. I give tumblr 2 more years then it will be shut down without ceremony, it will be sad not for the users but for all the images that will be lost.

Jan 18

Kinda would like to meet new friends, I haven't been as social as I'd like to be. Has anyone been in a rut like this in their lifetime? How did we even get here?
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Jan 17

Tumblr socio-political observation time
Identifying with fandoms and movements and brands to validate yourself has led to a society where your interests define you and your character instead of your character defining you and your interests and I think as a whole that's why performative activism is so rampant
The labor and time it takes to make a white supremacist see you as a human who says words worth listening to so that you can then have a good faith conversation about politics is not WORTH the effort and risk to safety for the people who they hate. Especially not if we're doing it and getting death threats 9x out of 10 or they just wanted us to waste our time and exhaust us out of being effective
So if you are not included in the list of people that white supremacists want dead then it is worth your time and in fact is arguably one of the most productive ways to spend your time.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk
#i had no business arguing with grown ass nazis when i was a teenager but youre gonna tell me grown women refuse cuz its bad for THEM?#we ALL owe each other something!#grown folks should be volunteering to do this so minors stop feeling like they have ro#my post#whiteness#white supremacy#allies#allyship#sociology#idk how to tag this tbh#rant#observations#colonization#bigotry#activism#millenials#boomers#gen x#gen z#gen alpha

but what i wanted to say is,

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcfuA_UAz3I&pp=ygUPZG9udCB1c2UgZmFuZG9t

notion #2: https://www.tumblr.com/theconcealed...-we-can-accommodate-a-single-billionaire-then
- its resources and placement issue, and moral too - that way, everyone would be bilionaire by now if it were that easy
what worked in 90s-2010 would not have worked now with new rules about such similar actions, done back then...
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