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I used A.I. to make this post


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Dec 20, 2021
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Original Post - HERE

Hi! My name is Xeroforhire, and I'm a podcast host.

I was going to come up with something catchy for the blog post title, but I decided there was nothing clever to say. This week on the podcast, we talked about AI and how it can be used to generate conversation. It's able to generate some pretty convincing texts.... like REALLY CONVINCING. I wanted to share some of the stuff we played around with and shared on the show. We're going to dive into these tools in depth later in this post, but please realize this is just a teaser.

In addition to recording that episode, I also wanted to play around with some of the examples. Needless to say, I succeeded. DEEPLY.


A couple of days ago, I got an email from Webmaster Josh, who wanted to do something different with it. To shake things up for our listeners, we thought we'd try something different and invite some of our buddies on. We had a great time talking about Dead Internet Theory and Artificial Intelligence. Webmaster Josh developed this idea and found the tools we used to produce the experiment we used in this week's podcast. In the experiment, we utilized a few tools like AI and speech (transcript analysis) in order to reinterpret several components of the audio experiment. It was a very enlightening and engaging conversation. The tools used are otter.ai and copy.ai, and for audio, avia.ai - Basically, this entire post (and the corresponding podcast) is either entirely or partially generated, and in some way augmented, by AI.

Ultimately, I decided that this would best be used as a marketing tool for a person who wants to have more control over their marketing decisions, but maybe has trouble communicating with the rest of the world. Or for someone who has trouble communicating their ideas in a way that other people are willing to accept.

I'm sure you've all you've had a great idea—but no one else has understood it at all, right? With this transcript, you can turn even the most difficult-to-explain idea into something anyone can understand and get behind. And here's the thing: I have a lot of experience in podcasting and broadcasting, but even so, I found myself wondering if I conveyed my ideas clearly enough in our discussion.

The point is that doesn't matter if you are a blogger, marketer, or even an author. It is important that everyone communicates effectively and efficiently to their audience. A blog is very hard at times to work with and can become frustrating for the writer. Having a lot of people give you conflicting advice about blogging is nearly impossible for anyone to take in as fact. A tool like this can be a great way to take some of the guesswork out of marketing and communication by giving you actionable advice that can help you in the long run.

It's strange to think that this entire post was (mostly) written by Artificial Intelligence. If you read it and have any suggestions for improvement, I would be more than happy to hear them in the comments. Also, the Audio Parts of the Podcast (including some of the music) was generated in the first part of this experiment. This includes a greater variety of topics and styles; less repetition of certain words and phrases; and generally improved flow. I hope they are an improvement!

This doesn't mean that you, as an audience, should feel entirely duped. It means that an AI system is being used to craft and create content in our place. It's creating concepts and ideas and then presenting them back to us as something we can understand. This is a big deal. The development of AI systems like these opens up the possibility for AI authors to create almost any kind of authored media, including not just text content but also video or podcast content.

After all, even though sometimes it's nice to remain in your own little bubble and speak with others as if they were just living extensions of your thoughts, it's ultimately more important to get some feedback before you say something that you might regret. And that is why I believe that this technology--which allows us to parse someone else's language and extrapolate what kinds of things are being discussed--has the opportunity to be very helpful in communicating ideas.

I would love your thoughts on this experiment. I'm also curious if there's anyone you think might find this useful as a marketing tool of their own?
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Oct 25, 2021
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