I wish things could be different


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Jun 16, 2023
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Life didn't have to be this way, and yet I get called crazy if I say that the world can change, I'm not dead yet in spirit. The more I learn. the more I begin to feel as though I'm in existence. I'm just tired of being told I'm wrong when in reality I think that I have at least some pieces of the puzzle which could help me to see reality as it is.

I talk about truth with some people, and they act as if I just called their mother a whore. Even worse, when I try to talk with others about philosophy, they start to ask questions upon questions, upon questions like a god damn Eliza psychotherapist program. Even more so, what I notice is that most of them simply just do it either because they can and or simply since it's just a hobby, but really in reality they are just sophist, they don't care about wisdom for its own sake, after all how can you when all you do is suffer?

Philosophy is not some degree you get, it's something you live by, for example I won't know what Kant really meant by his ethical theory unless I actually try to live by the categorical imperative, to even live one's philosophy in this day and age is hard. We've become immoral garbage to the point where if you want to do what's right you get laughed at.

How are you supposed to live if others simply won't allow you to? I see on television all these movies and shows on gangsters, murderers, organizations, cooperations and they all have more power than the individuals who are single, by themselves, all I get told is "don't try" or "give up", even things such as "you're not powerful enough", you're always being told to "stand down" and "be complacent". I remember a man by the name of John Taylor Gatto who talked about "childishness" in modern adults and when you think about it, are we not acting like children? I heard Markiplier said something along the lines of "upies! Upies!" like some child and people find that laughable? Or that one silly meme "googoo goo goo gaga", at this moment I think how is any of that funny? What is so funny for example posting pictures or gifs of negro men engaging in sexual activities? It's childish and disgusting, I could imagine degenerates circulating such content amongst themselves, but grown men and adults in their mid- twenties is quite pathetic.

I'm tired of other people deciding how my life should be, most of all I'm tired of others telling me how reality is, I don't want to be a lousy, lazy, low life anymore. I want to put into being the ideas that I have had for so long, I want to make the world a place where everyone gets his just desserts.


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Apr 4, 2022
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I don't understand what is the problem is, or what you wish were different. Is the problem that people don't want to talk about verbose philosophy in regular conversation? Is it that young adults are immature? Is it that we are all immoral?
You're too worried about random people who have nothing to do with you. Even if you could change other people's behavior to what you think is right, it is not a worthwhile endeavour. You will be a lot happier to move away from thinking of others to thinking of yourself; how can you make your own 'world' better?
For one thing, you complain about what's on the television and what memes are popular. Why don't you stop watching television and looking at memes?
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LCD (math).
you want more
you want from others to be nice, true, honest
nice play
long talks, hold hands,
but arent you afraid of this
of others
of being laughted at
is it this?

if you never fight
you never get
it hurts
body, soul, mind
why you want this?

you think world died,
people dumbed themselves down,
are just zombies?

many seem to agree so
we are young
at heart
your soul, spirit, heart didnt gave up yet
you long for childhood
dont you?

me too
but it scares me
that i might be wrong, ridiculed, laughted at
stupid, naiive, ...

i am scared that there is not enough time
all i do is futile
when i start, i will be never able to
hold on the pulse, trend
like, learning CSS - in learning standards (newbie even),
you will never able to "win", to be able to "end up" in present state of dev'ment...
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Sep 26, 2020
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I've already accepted this place is a immoral degenerate shithole. But all in all, I also don't truly understand what the problem is. Are you overwhelmed by the amount of degenerate and childish stuff posted online? Or in real life? I'll be honest, people don't act like this IRL, well, some do, and they're usually faggots. So unless ur a fag, it's gonna be okay. Focus on yourself for now and try to change the ones close to you to what your ideal is, and stop caring about people you have no control over.
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