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I'm running a Vaporwave show online. Would anyone like to play?


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Sep 26, 2021
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I run a url (online) gig organiser called 'The Rudder'. Every two weeks we run a themed show that hosts 4 artists who stream a set on our Twitch.

In November I'm looking to do a Vaporwave show and I'm looking for people to play on that.
Would anyone be interested in playing a set with us or know of anyone who would be?

If you're up for it, reply to this thread, send me a message on here or on our Instagram and if you wanna see what we do, our past sets are archived on our Twitch:

Our next show is this Saturday
5pm for the US, 10pm for the UK, so come along to that if you're into Breakcore and shoegazey stuff. (Poster for that is attached)

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