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Nov 20, 2021
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I love insults,
I have this habit of always blowing shit out of proportion, first it was because i found it funny, i still find it funny but i mostly just do it because i'm used to it now; For example, to say "This thing is very far away" i'd say something along the lines of "this shit is fifty fucking continents away bruh", or to say "what you said is dumb" as "kill yourself".

It's like punctuation at this point;
I'm not full of hate or a particularly sour individual, i'm quite nice i think, so it's not about me blowing off steam or anything, it's just speaking as a brotherly way to most people.
Of course in professional settings i remain polite, but if i start warming up to them i'll just unconsciously start swearing.

I believe the most offensive insult i can muster would be uhhhhhhhh, something like "Go fucking kill yourself you fucking retarded faggoted waste of fucking cum, you and the ugly disgusting cock garage that you call mother, hope you get married make a daughter and witness her get hit by a truck on her birthday and then looking down seeing her getting lowered in her grave you useless fucking niggress's asscrack salty sweat stain, piece of shit, cuck"

no offense tho :toilet:
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