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The Taste of Late Capitalism
Hi everyone! the reddit Hyperbattle started again, and I must say it is a great way to showcase your work and discover new artists! I really recommend participating in it.

Description from the host, Devaso House:
So... Let's sample dial up, chat rooms, Windows 95... anything to bring back the nostalgia of your computer from the late 90s to early 00's.
Just be sure to take us on a surreal journey through the internal components of your iMac G3. Let's cruise along the Internet Explorer information highway and dive into the World Wide Web. Start up sounds are encouraged!

Feel free to use any inspiration that the 404 error message gives you.

email all submissions to devasohouse@gmail.com

Let's set a deadline for Valentine's day - 2/14
more info: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hyperbattle/
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thanks for posting this here for us who dont into reddit :p
Edit: i just became a redditor


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