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Kolph's Challenge


Oct 11, 2021
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Yeah I'm copying @SomaSpice as quite frankly I feel unless I declare this publicly and put down some collateral then I'll not commit to this as well as I want to.

2020-2021 weren't the greatest years for me, while I did achieve a lot I slipped up in some areas too, and I feel it has affected me enough to set me back in my personal growth so now I want to change that. Yes, I know COVID happened and I can't really blame myself too much when literally people weren't even allowed to go out but still, I know I can do better.

My goals?

Go gym again - at least 3 days a week, I'm only doing three as I work a physical job anyways but getting each area at least once a week is key.

Read daily - I miss how committed I used to be to be to this, likewise with gym, and want to find interesting books, plus read at least over twenty pages daily, slowly progressing from there. I feel since I've stopped reading I've become dumber.

Get better with Portugese/Spanish and stick to it - Always have wanted to learn another language so no more fucking about.

Actually get better with driving - I hate to admit I've always had difficulties and annoyingly COVID has fucked me over a lot with my tests being cancelled and what not. But now I want to cut the bullshit and actually pass my test when it comes as COVID seems to be going now.

Log food I eat and eat better - Self-explanatory

Don't give up on my agricultural aspirations - Self-explanatory

(Not necessary but encouraged) Get a creative project going -Dunno what but I want to start making something in the writing, videogame, video creation or game department.


If I fail to get better and not put in the proper effort then I give $200 to a charity the forum chooses.
Virtual Cafe Awards


Active Traveler
Dec 23, 2020
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Rooting for ya Kolph. I need to read more as well. Last thing I tried to read was infinite jest. That might be my problem lol.
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Webcomics! Banzai!
Jan 20, 2022
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I have given up on self improvement, but I hope it works out for you.
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